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(thejoepeach) #1

Hi there, i am deeply in love with Hype, so deep i do almost all my job using that amazing piece of sofware… and so, i like to share my Hype Template Store, a this is the first template i like to sell:

This one is a website template

I made this for a local Jaguar dealer wich at the end didnt buy the app, so i need to recover some of the time and money invested wich was quite a lot…

This one is made for use With almost any framework that use a Webview to display contents… - and also i sell some premade iOS Apps ready to deploy to use with my templates for those with no time to do their own, those iOS Native Apps are designed specially for Hype so you already know how to make it happen, no more time needed or new things to learn, a easy way to put an App in the App Store - obviously, the rest is up to you and your imagination -

Here is the store, and any feedback is appreciated…


Thanks in advance and hope you can use it for any project, i made this coupon so you can get it for a low low price: app.ios.herti45weds

Some of the Apps made with this template are those, check it please:

This last one, was made using a framework called baker, wich work amazing with Hype also, only the issues are made with Hype, the rest is a native App…

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(thejoepeach) #4

well, i am sorry for promote sales here, but when hype pro was in beta people discuss the chance of selling some premade components and even a component store, maybe is good time to start…

(Andrew) #6

You seem to be offering Hype, on sale, for $802 !

Or am I getting currencies mixed up ?

(Nick ) #7

Yeah I like the price on the App store much better :wink:

(james koh) #8

I dont think thats in US dollar. Maybe in Mexican dollar. Correct me if i am wrong.

(Greg) #9

Here’s a better deal…

(Andrew) #10

Where do I get it ??

(thejoepeach) #11

hi Guys, we don’t sell Hype, we provide a link to the tumult store so they can buy right from the Tumult Store… the price is in Mexican Pesos and we create that referal product for our costumers that need to edit our template files and dont know were to find the app… and thats what the button says, in spanish of course “buy from Tumult Store”

So no cheap or pirate product, not 18 karat gold app or anything, you need to buy from Tumult or App Store…

(thejoepeach) #12

Amazing… thats the kind of Gold-class animator i ever wanted… now with real screen-made gold

(Mark Hunte) #13

Now this Topic has formed and our posts have moved here, I will remove mine above so as not to confuse and keep it tidy.