Restoring Tumult Hype Professional

I have updated to high sierra with a clean installation.
Now Hype doesn’t open the professional version instead it opens in the standard version.
What to do ?

You should see a Restore Purchase under the upgrade Menu…

If not see…

Thanks Mark. but it doesn’t work.
No restore possible.

Hi @wolla, can you let me know what happens when you click Upgrade > Upgrade to Hype Professional? There is a known issue with restoring Hype Pro outlined here:

Feel free to send us an email at with more details and screenshots.

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for you’re support.

When I follow the procedure it first runs to a message that transfers me from Colombia (where I am located) to the German AppStore where I am listed

After that it becomes an error, to contact support …… ???

I tried this several times …. But remains the same-
The AppStore is really a pain in the neck.

Appreciate you’re help,


Did you try and logout of the Apple Store account, go to the Store region you purchased the App. Then login to that.

Then try the Restore…

Do I have a chance to select the store ?
Choosing AppStore will automatically connect me to a store (where ever it is) and reconnect me to my “home” store as soon as I will buy anything.

So, I don’t see an alternative.
best W.

You are getting a redirect so I assume the app store is picking up your current region.

At the bottom of the Main AppStore page is a country flag. If you click this you can change store to the country you puchased from.
Then login in. I am not sure this will work …

If not you may need to change you region in you Apple Account. But again not really sure as I do not fully understand your location and listed situation

I can get you a license off of the Mac App Store to help work around this ridiculousness. I will send you an email @Wolla

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Hi Mark,

does not work using the German AppStore.
Looking forward for Daniels e-mail.

Ok, worth a shot…

@Daniel is a :mage:

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