Restoring Tumult Hype Professional

(Wolfgang Wunderlich) #1

I have updated to high sierra with a clean installation.
Now Hype doesn’t open the professional version instead it opens in the standard version.
What to do ?

Hype in High Sierra?
(Mark Hunte) #2

You should see a Restore Purchase under the upgrade Menu…

If not see…

(Wolfgang Wunderlich) #3

Thanks Mark. but it doesn’t work.
No restore possible.


Hi @wolla, can you let me know what happens when you click Upgrade > Upgrade to Hype Professional? There is a known issue with restoring Hype Pro outlined here:

Feel free to send us an email at with more details and screenshots.

(Wolfgang Wunderlich) #5

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for you’re support.

When I follow the procedure it first runs to a message that transfers me from Colombia (where I am located) to the German AppStore where I am listed

After that it becomes an error, to contact support …… ???

I tried this several times …. But remains the same-
The AppStore is really a pain in the neck.

Appreciate you’re help,


(Mark Hunte) #6

Did you try and logout of the Apple Store account, go to the Store region you purchased the App. Then login to that.

Then try the Restore…

(Wolfgang Wunderlich) #7

Do I have a chance to select the store ?
Choosing AppStore will automatically connect me to a store (where ever it is) and reconnect me to my “home” store as soon as I will buy anything.

So, I don’t see an alternative.
best W.

(Mark Hunte) #8

You are getting a redirect so I assume the app store is picking up your current region.

At the bottom of the Main AppStore page is a country flag. If you click this you can change store to the country you puchased from.
Then login in. I am not sure this will work …

If not you may need to change you region in you Apple Account. But again not really sure as I do not fully understand your location and listed situation


I can get you a license off of the Mac App Store to help work around this ridiculousness. I will send you an email @Wolla

(Wolfgang Wunderlich) #10

Hi Mark,

does not work using the German AppStore.
Looking forward for Daniels e-mail.

(Mark Hunte) #11

Ok, worth a shot…

@Daniel is a :mage:

(Kailas Nagalingam) #12

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