Restore Purchases not working on the Mac App Store version of Hype

In the past two weeks, we have received a higher-than-normal volume of users reporting that they have been unable to use the “Restore Purchases” button on Hype’s unlock screen. The typical purpose for its usage is to get back to the Standard/Pro versions after installing the Mac App Store version of Hype on a new machine.

Common causes of this message in the past have been:

  • A user previously purchasing from the Tumult Store, but then trying to restore the Mac App Store version. Apple has no records of this purchase and so it will fail. Instead you must use the direct download version and enter in the Tumult Store serial number.
  • A user previously purchasing Hype v1-3, but then trying to restore purchases on v4. As no v4 purchases were made, this dialog will pop up. Hype v4 is a separate application and a paid upgrade. Upgrade discounts are available through these instructions.

If you have purchased Hype v4 though the Mac App Store and are hitting this problem, then you are hitting a new issue. It will also affect Restore Purchases in Hype 3 to get to the Professional edition. From our investigation, it appears to have coincided with the macOS 10.15.4 release. Interestingly, it does not seem to affect all users.

This type of issue has happened before, and was resolved by a server-side change on Apple’s part.

The workaround for Hype v3 at the time was to go through the purchase flow, but you would not be charged a second time. We have confirmed similarly the purchase is still in your purchase history on your apple account but we do not recommend trying to re-purchase the product if you are using v4. Because of how Hype v4 handles upgrade purchases as separate products, there is a good chance that this will lead to a double charge. You would then need to contact Apple’s support to get a refund, which is not an easy task.

What to do:

The best temporary fix to the solution is for us to issue you a Tumult Store serial number, and you can use the direct download version of the application until the problem is sorted out. Here are the steps:

  1. At the Unlock screen, click Use Free Viewer (an confirm you want to Continue in Free Viewer Mode)
  2. Choose the Help > Report an Issue… menu item
  3. Under “What was your problem?” use “Restore Purchases Bug” as the subject
  4. If possible, find the email receipt for your Hype purchase from Apple. The subject is usually “Your receipt from Apple.” Take screenshots and attach these by hitting the + button in the Attachments section
  5. Make sure Send logs, preferences, and system information is checked. We are still actively investigating the issue and this may help
  6. Be sure to enter your name and email address
  7. Hit Submit Issue

This will contact our support and we will reply with a serial number and instructions to use the Tumult Store version of the application.

We are communicating with Apple and hopefully a fix will be on its way. Thanks for bearing with this.