Hype Universe News #17

"I care about decency and humanity and kindness. Kindness today is an act of rebellion."

We're back with inspiring animations and helpful tutorials to take your Tumult Hype projects farther.

Advice from Digital Creators

Let's begin with a dash of sage advice from top digital banner creators on learning the ropes of digital advertising and leveraging Hype:

“Hype is a wonderful tool to build more attractive HTML5 ads. Other than that you'll have to use Google Web Designer. To be fair that app has improved a lot during the last years but Hype is much more easy and reliable to use.”

Projects We Love

Watch time flip by on this vintage flip clock built in Hype by Kalle, with support from Max Ziebell


Build Reactive Hype Documents: Max Ziebell created a tool to declare data bindings to perform actions when values in your Hype documents change, with several video examples.
Drew Bullen created a guide to making modals with the newly-supported dialog button.

Control individual CSS properties on Hype elements based on interactions and conditions in your Hype document with the Hype Style Caster by Max Ziebell. Also, don't miss Max’s guide to using Open Props concisely setting default values for any CSS property in your project.
Watch five new video walkthroughs posted by Herman to help you get up to speed with the Hype xAPI wrapper, a powerful extension and export script for working with xAPI statements.