Hype xAPI (Experience API previously Tin Can API)

Hi folks, I've just found this post today from the newsletter article - just wanted to send my thanks to the Developers (Max and Theron?) - excited to see this one! Are there any recordings of the event presentation?

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Hi @raphroberts.
This is the link to the recording: The perfect union === HypexAPI - YouTube
It is painful watching it, but alas it is now part of the internet. The first section is an intro to Hype, so you can skip that if you want to.
Let me know if you have any questions. I'm happy to support anyone who wants to use it. I'm making some real-world video tutorials after hours as well.
Herman (also known as Theron)


Thanks for sharing the recording, Herman. If you develop any tutorials I will be very keen to see them. Unfortunately the video quality makes the recording hard to interpret at times (for me) - as you are making video tutorials - might I suggest that it would be great if you could make the text bigger in system prefs.

I really look forward to seeing what you create - if you want anyone to test the training on let me know - I'll be keen to have a crack at following along. I am very familiar with hype and javascript but not overly familiar with LMS / LRS integration. I remember your contribution on a SCORM related post I made some time ago.

Thanks again to you both - as you say in the presentation, really nothing compares to the versatility of Hype for creating learning artefacts - record and state stores really are the icing on the cake :slight_smile:

This URL https://www.hypexapi.de is the doorway to the GitHub and docs pages. You will find all you need there. If something is not clear, please let me know. I will fix it. There are 2 tuts on there already. I may add a heading for the tuts by itself when I have more available.


I added a tutorial to the docs. This tutorial shows how to send 4 unique xAPI statements using 2 syntax structures, by using string variables.


I would think this would be only for non-commercial applications? As I know my company licenses the API for commercial applications, and we create eLearning with HYPE. But it cost us several thousand dollars a year to license the API for use in our courses. Can you go into the restrictions with this product?

Hi @BoboTR3 (Tim).
Max and I designed this extension to be used by the Hype community. Having access to learning analytics plugs a big data gap in what we do as 'learning professionals'.
So feel free to use it commercially and non-commercially.
What we would love to hear is how you are using it. So maybe you could see that as 'payment'. There is still a lot I can learn.


Great to know you are supporting this tool. I think it is a truly unique and powerful environment for eLearning development.

Tim Bobo
Left Brain Media, Corporation

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I added a tutorial to the documentation that illustrates how to use the Run Expression action with a timer. The timer measures the duration a user spends on a scene. (It could measure duration for any activity that you need.) I also convert time in seconds into the ISO time format.


Nice and clear instruction, thanks for sharing the knowledge!

Kind regards,

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This looks really interesting. Great work.

From reading the docs this doesn't seemed to fit the use-case of wanting to use Hype for creating SCORM-compliant resources, being more advanced and requiring a separate LRS server. Is that correct?

I work as a software developer alongside a team of Learning Resource Designers who now use RISE (part of the Articulate set of tools)- I've always wanted to recommend Hype for this sort of thing as it's much more flexible, with simple ways to score quizzes and activities and set completion flags on our LMS- Moodle 3.x.

I would love to peruse any example hype projects that users have made with this API, if anyone wants to share..

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Hi @monks1975.

At the company that I work we design with Rise and Storyline as well. I have the same issue trying to get Hype into the mix of tools. I've managed to include a small set of projects here and there, but it's not officially part of our toolset yet. (The struggle is real!)

@MaxZieb and I are looking at creating an export wrapper for the xAPI projects that an LMS will accept like a 'scorm' package, but I don't know what the functionality could be with the LMS reading data from it for reporting yet.

I'm just thinking on my feet here, but the following could be possible: A scorm wrapper sends a piece of code to the LMS that tells it the activity is now complete. What is that piece of code? I may just ask the people at Rustici Software. That code could be run on completing the project in Hype.

In my opinion, going forward the reporting or learning analytics available in an LMS is minuscule compared to what is available through an LRS with xAPI. To have a sandpit environment in an LRS is free, and you could experiment in the there to your heart's delight. That being said, a completion or pass flag will be necessary for the LMS.

Melissa Milloway also created an article on how to track Rise interactions with xAPI. If you're interested.

I've started working on the last tutorial for using the xAPI extension. Once that is done, I will share the project here so that you can peruse.

Let me know if you have any other thoughts.



Hi @MaxZieb. I'm exploring the idea of creating an educational game. So I think Hype Reactive Content will serve it well, but I also want to utilise learning analytics with the xAPI export script. So my thinking is that I keep game design in Reactive Content and learning analytics in hypeXAPI. Do you think there will be clashes anywhere that I need to be aware of?

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I think it should be fine as long as you don't overwrite customData entirely. That still destroys existing reactivity (will be fixed down the line, meaning when customData is overwritten by like hypeDocument.customData = {}, hence a totally new object breaks reactivity, the future fix will automatically reinstate reactivity, setting entire branches or keys is totally fine even now).


This is the 5th tutorial on how to use the Hype xAPI export script.
In this tut we look at how to use, set and change Boolean and number variables. Also how to adjust variables with JavaScript and how one can adjust variables by referencing other variables. Ok, words can't explain. You will have to watch and see.

I'm including the hype doc with all the work done thus far. I removed the video element in scene 2 to make it a little lighter.

A fun fact: the Great White Shark was created in Hype with vector tools.

Have fun!
xAPIHypeExport_Forum.zip (2.9 MB)


A repeat of what I wrote on your YouTube Video:
Thanks for this Herman.
Now that Adobe have completely botched the new version of Captivate, I'm considering moving all my client courses over to Hype.
Obviously, reporting is mission-critical, and although I've been using Hype for quite some time now, It's mainly been for creating HTML5 animation and courses that don't require reporting.
So now the environment is changing, and I need to move.
I'll be checking your GIT repo etc and coming back to the forum. Once again, thanks for your sterling work on this!

BTW have there been any updates to this since you last published?

Hi @ozbassplayer

I've been using it in a non-production environment and works well, but your input in using it will be valuable. If you you have suggestions, we welcome them.

We were considering setting and xml export up so that it imports into an LMS, but many L&D platforms do not support xAPI natively, nor have adopted cmi5. So I decided to put that on hold for now.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

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G'day again Herman.
The LMS systems I was considering were xAPI - savvy(D2L/Brightspace and Moodle etc.).
I'll have to go through your tutorials and do the tests before I hook back again.
I'm totally comfortable with JS and JQuery, I've just forgotten how it all hooks in with Hype.
I'll review my notes from some time back and will yell if I have problems.
Thanks for touching base - much appreciated and great to see that the forum is responsive!

Hi John

I'm active in an LMS space called Totara, which is a derivative of Moodle. I did not realise Moodle is active in the xAPI space. THANK YOU!

I will follow up with our vendor to check whether they are bringing all that across.

This is exciting.

Hey Herman.
Don't get too excited - I think the space I work in is D2L/Brightspace, which I do believe is also a Moodle derivative. And it does allow XAPI