Hype Universe #15: April!

You've made it to April: Welcome back to another edition of Hype Universe News, filled with top shelf animations to inspire you and quality tutorials to help you take your Hype projects farther.

You may not believe it, but we joined TikTok. We'll continue to post video tutorials on our YouTube channel first, but please check out our first quick :snail:-themed video and let us know what additional tutorials you'd like to see.

Projects We Love

A theater group in Bogotá, Columbia created a three day event to activate 10 historical spaces around the city to demonstrate the power of theater even in times of disconnection and uncertainty. The companion interactive journey created in Hype by Erico Nieto builds a dystopian future where you're guided by a rat through the city. The animation is filled with dramatic hand drawn animations and is an absolute joy. Explore “Specters, a cartography of the plague.”

@celso shared a soothing bicycle animation you can now find in our gallery.

Checkout an interactive skateboard trick infographic published in the Telegraph. The trick demonstrates the Kickflip Indy performed by Sky Brown.

Play a fun neon pinball game, by game master José Alejandro Silva Ruiz.

Explore Alberta's regions in this interactive map by Maurice Pelletier.

Don't miss Bob Millea's huge collection of playful short videos:


Three tutorial videos for your learning pleasure:

Create a quiz in Hype by exploring @Photics' US capitals template + video.

Design a simple 'swipe to reveal' document by @Photics

Create light and dark mode versions of your Hype documents in this tutorial by Drew Bullen @drewbullen

Of course, you can find more tutorials over at tumult.com/hype/tutorials.

If you'd like to recommend a tutorial or share one of your own Hype projects with us, you can reply to this email—we'd love to hear from you.

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—Team Tumult