Hype Universe #12

The animation of the canvas is one of the hardest problems of painting.”
Alfred Sisley

Projects We Love

Our friends at ScienceSeed shared a project featuring the environmental protections under the BERN convention's last 40 years. The project's easy navigation and vector shape morphs are an absolute treat:

ScienceSeed also creates interesting interactive maps like this project featuring the Akrotiri salt lake in Cyprus.

Check out a fun set of animations documenting the history of 'Brasilberg,' a variant of the Underberg herbal digestif:

Our friend @Fuv created a Marvel + DC + Star Wars version of the 'Guess Who' game.

Five slick interactive video ads for Logitech by @BannerMan.

Tutorials & Guides

Don't Miss

Convert your Hype Project into an Xcode App for publication on the App Store in under 2 minutes with @Photics' 'Wrapping' tool.

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