A few of the Interactive video banners I made for a client with Hype

Hela hola,

So normally, I tend to ask allot of questions on the forums, but as this project for the client is finished I thought it would be nice to switch it up and showcase the first interactive video banners I made for Logitech with Hype.

Most of the banners include a video player, and hover effects. Additional to the G923 Ad including a dragging effect on the wheel.

I've stored them on a small page here to preview: https://mitchvdakker.nl/banners/videobanners/

(PS, disable Ad block, otherwise half of the assets won't load)


They look great! Thanks for sharing with us.

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Hello there! I've been away from this community for a long time and came back to learn a bit more about videobanners.

Your work is amazing! Great banners, they look stunning.

Can I ask, how did you manage the video resources? We're on the brim of creating a set with video and not sure about how the video stuff works. If we just include it and upload it to the publisher, that's it?

Hey Carola,

Yes that is correct, certain hosts and DSP's allow for video (such as Weborama and Sizmek for the Amazon DSP). Typically limits of 4MB and 30 seconds are set, However, it's best to keep it below 1MB and 15 seconds due to Google Chromes heavy ad intervention.

*Edit, However, including video snacks quite a bit more of your ad spend as it can get pricey.

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