Export to Hype (Adobe Photoshop Edition)

This tool is now open source:

Donations and sponsorship are welcome

Tested and developed for Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud 2020 (and beyond). Please try out older setups and create an issue if it doesn't work. If it can be made compatible easily (I only have the latest versions), I will try to accommodate older Photoshop-Versions.

Feedback on the new versions is welcome! Send me a DM with any findings, or even better, leave an issue on GitHub. Please send me your Photoshop file that fails as well...


I'd call this a winner of greatest Hype hack of all time, but I think it is in an entirely different category than a "hack" :smiley:.

We've definitely gotten a lot of requests for proper layered import of PSD files over time! I do wonder how much in the past years this has been replaced with Sketch or Figma.

P.S. Perhaps this should be specifically called "Photoshop Import" since the direction isn't an export out of Hype but getting items inside?


Wow! Very good tool, for those who use Photoshop. I switched to Affinity software and I don't know if it would be easy to adapt or introduce it in both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo.
Or if you would be interested in doing it.

I think it is a tool that deserves to be paid for, of course.

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That is pretty plausible and I'll think of something more telling… in theory the code base could also work with Illustrator so … food for thought.

I actually did that too but I require CC for specific clients. I haven't looked into it but I saw that there is a small but vibrant plugin market. So, there needs to be some API. But it would be a new code base reusing the logic. I guess photoshop would need to be finished before looking into Affinity or any of the online tools like Figma etc.

Update: There is no plugin SDK at all. What I saw in affinity photo was the ability to run a subset of the Photoshop Plugin SDK (mainly filter commands). So, exporting is out of the question on Affinity for now. A stand-alone PSD solution (imagemagic based) might be the solution as Affinity can export PSD.

Good to know. Pricing (if any) would depend on how complicated it gets. Until now, it was fun. In the end I want as many Hype users as possible to pick it up… that's for sure. Having all layers positioned is a huge time saver.

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↑ look at project
1.0.0 Release on Gumroad (commercial and educational version)


↑ look at project
1.0.1 Corrected MD5 hash, updates modification date


Max, great job!!
the first professional and commercial product outside Hype, a great revolution that I hope will go on!


Hi. Great news. Waited for this feature for years.
... However, having just bought and installed it, I see that in Photoshop 2019 it does not work. Am I correct? Only version 2020?

It is currently only tested on Photoshop 2020. All Creative Cloud users get the latest version for free anyways. Down the line (meaning in the next month) I’ll probably do some backwards compatibility testing. The issues is most likely only Interface related.

As it says on the page. Please download the educational version for testing before buying it or making any sort of donation for usage.

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No problem. Happy to donate. Well worth it.
Will get 2020.

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↑ look at project
1.0.2 Increased compatibility, enforcing unique top-level layer names

Minor update increasing compatibility to at least Photoshop CC 2019.
I can't currently test on even older Photoshop versions so feel free to download this update and give me some feedback if it is working for you on older setups.


Downloaded update. Works great on Photoshop 2019!
Thanks :smiley:


I have been looking at the possibilities of applying this tool in Affinity Photo. I have discovered that it is capable of importing Photoshop plugins, but no code and it seems even more difficult to code for export.

If I discover something else I'll tell you about it.

Wow, this is fantastic!

Unfortunately for me, I use illustrator and SVG mostly. If you ever write a script like this for illustrator that exports groups (or layers) as SVGs with layout retained, you would save me a TON of work :wink:

I picked up your ztext hype mod and it has been great for my current project, the 'add to head' script may come in handy for me in future also. Keep up the great work!

Sneak peek :wink: :
That is already in the works… the Adobe Illustrator Edition is actually going to be released next.


I wrote about it some posts higher up. I think you missed that…


I am so happy to hear that, wonderful news! That made my day :slight_smile:

Sorry, I didn't see your comment update.
That would certainly be a great option, yes.

Currently, on sale with "hypefriday" (valid until Tuesday) for 40% off.


Sale is over… summary 1 sale for this software over its entire life span so far (and that was before the sale). I guess this plugin is rather a niche product. Maybe a Illustrator version would be more appealing. I'll wait until boredom or a client makes me finish that one :wink:Doing it for direct sales seams not really like a viable option at this point.