Export to Hype (Adobe Illustrator Edition)

Technically, this testimonial was for the Photoshop version, But I feel at liberty to add it here as well :wink:.

This tool is now open source:

DPA Infocom (Deutsche Presse Agentur, German Press Agency) supported my work and financed the development of this project. They utilize it for creating interactive infographics that reduce layout time, primarily by utilizing .AI or .EPS files from printed materials.

Brought to you with the help of @ktewes and CleanShot 2023-02-24 at 17.57.09@2x

Donations and sponsorship are welcome

Tested and developed for Adobe Illustrator Creative Cloud 2022 (and beyond). Please try out older setups and create an issue if it doesn't work. If it can be made compatible easily (I only have the latest versions), I will try to accommodate older Illustrator-Versions.

Feedback on the new versions is welcome! Send me a DM with any findings, or even better, leave an issue on GitHub. Please send me your Illustrator file that fails as well...




Introduction by @Daniel


I've been following the hype community for a few years and I love this software, I've also seen so many developers doing amazing things with it.

Export to Hype (Adobe Illustrator Edition) is simply a mainstay for the work of the professionals, an investment to be made immediately after trying hype 4..

@MaxZieb Bravo!


Michel, Love your work. I'm not sure if this is where I can ask a quick question. I downloaded your Illustrator Export to Hype from Gethub. I fallowed the instructions. I didn't where I can export from Illustrator. Do I need to do anything with the .json & .jsx files? Sorry to ask, would love to use your script. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

@michelangelo Thank you for the kind word, but the plugin is now free to use and open source. There is no need to buy it… I am grateful for sponsors or people buying me a coffee.

Thanks to all my current supporters and past supporters over at GitHub Sponsors.
Big shout out to @theron_hp at this point, you rock my friend! :metal: :rocket:!

@ivdesigns since you posted here the readme over on GitHub has been significantly improved, and I think most questions should be answered now (version 1.2.0) is also pretty stable. Hope that help! Welcome back to the forum BTW (5 years absences).


↑ look at project
I added some video tutorials… hope they help! Enjoy.


↑ look at project

  • Removed enable-background attribute from SVGs
  • Removed xmlns in inline SVGs
  • Added style attribute with position to inline SVGs

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Ok it seems like a good start to be able to get more out of my HYPE 4 since it's something I've been waiting for since 2013, but what about those of us who refuse to use Adobe products? I use the Affinity 2 Suite to do my vector work and I'm still dreaming of being able to export to HYPE 4 or at least being able to import the SVGs that I can export with my design programs such as Affinity Design, Corel Draw or Inkscape.

Will our dream come true?

Best Regards

At this time Affinity Designer does not support plugins, but you should throw in your vote on this thread on the Affinity forums: Plugins for DESIGNER & PHOTO! - Feedback for Affinity Designer V1 on Desktop - Affinity | Forum

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