Banners in Hype suitable for Google AdWords

I can’t properly save the banner for download to Google AdWords. Banner was made in Hype.
The program writes that it contains files or a path to a file with unsupported characters.
Now I looking for someone, who can sent me instruction , which will contain step by step points about creation banners in Hype suitable for Google AdWords. Can you help me?

As well as checking below make sure you don't have spaces or other characters in your links to files or other sources. Also, Hype outputs a path to the generated script with a "?12345" random number string at the end. This will also mess up the upload to some Ad platforms.

Were you able to have success with this? It would be interesting to see your banner so we might know which characters it is having a problem with and how you were testing/where you were getting the error. We’d like to make sure Hype is great for making ads.

This issue was regarding the file (resolved over email) -- so the workaround here is to disable IE6-8 support. For others looking for tips on creating Adwords banners our getting started guide is here:

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