Google Adwords (Google Ads) Best Practices

Ah, didn't see it. His proposal to add "inline data file+loader" solves the problem.

Both the AdWords and DoubleClick DCM export scripts will do this for you. The also will disable the cache busting ?61304 at the end and allow validation to pass.

I'm not exactly sure what you mean, but if your document contains multiple layouts then I would expect it to only find the first one; I believe you can only have one meta ad.size tag anyhow. Have you looked into exporting each layout individually in the Advanced Export? Note that you can also assign export scripts per each of the export slices.

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hi there, related question.
I've had an ad rejected by a publisher - they've said there is no clicktag. Used the DCM export script and when i test using the h5validator there is a row of ticks but if i click on the ad, there is no confirmation dialog popup. Could someone possibly take a look at my file and let me know if i've gone wrong?

You need to select an element and give it an 'exit' On Mouse Click like this:

Screen Shot 2021-01-25 at 1.34.13 PM

Ideally, this would be a opaque rectangle the full size of the ad if you do not have a specific button.

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Great, that worked. Thanks for your help!

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If anyone has suggestions for improving this post, please let me know! I know this is a moving target :dart: (And I don't create ads personally)


I created a test hype document for google ads, there are "exit" and "exit overrid" setting.

I tried both of them to export DoubleClick DCM like this way:


but failed to test the target url on " Landing Page Validation" with the export zip file at HTML5 Validator,

here is the hype document: (96.9 KB)

and here is the exported file: (76.4 KB)

would you please let me know where should set target url? or why it does not work please?


The target URL is set on Google's site -- when you add an 'exit', the exit is dynamically written when publishing the ad. So you can remove the 'mouse click' -- > Go to URL action.

You're using the DCM export script, and you're here on the Adwords thread -- which one are you using?

Based on your export .html file, I can see it is missing a clickTag URL for the exit. See at the top:

		var clickTag = "";

This value is set for the DCM Export Script via the Document Inspector's Export Script Arguments section:


As @Daniel points out, this is not for the AdWords export script.

I'm getting the "missing click tag check" fail in HTML 5 Validator. This thread says to add an "exit" action but I can't find the option in Hype. Has swomething changed since these last posts?

The exit is not a default option in Hype; it is provided by the installation of an Export Script. Please see:

The AdWords export script doesn't have an exit option; it might be that instead you need to use the the "DoubleClick Campaign Manager" one instead?

Someone help me with Clicktag.
How can I add clicktag to adwords creative? I don't see ''AdWords exit'' in the action inspector section.
I have intalled adword export script.

I'm pretty sure that AdWords does not want a custom exit like a clicktag.

Instead you may want to use the "DoubleClick Campaign Manager" export script, which supports using a clickTag via the Document Inspector and also adds an Exit to the action menus.

What export script do I have to use to export my creatives exactly like the screenshot one? Basically, I want ​my indext code to include the codes that I marked with red on the screenshot.


DoubleClick Campaign Manager ("DoubleClick DCM" in Hype's UI after installation) is the one you want.

Please help me in here.

I don't see a post there; I assume you mean this thread?

I successfully submitted a campaign to Adwords with retina images in it. Just mentioning this because #3 above states that they're not supported. Following that link, it appears Google Ads Editor can't use retina. But a Hype ad with them works just fine.


Great to know, and you just added them to Hype normally?

Yes. I create 2× images that I add to Hype, but I turn off the "Automatically optimize when exporting" option.

Originally my ads were rejected, not because of images, but because I was trying to use the official Hype CDN. The ads passed Google's validator using the CDN though, which I think is interesting.