360 degree video - video.js?




I would like to use 360 degree video in Hype so I can use it as an html5 360 video player. Safari will not play Youtube 360 so I am looking for a more universal solution.

I read that you could use pannellum and video.js to accomplish that. But maybe other software is better suited for this?
Would that be possible to incorporate in Hype and how can it be accomplished? A examplefile would be great, but any pointers are much appreciated! Here’s an Pannellum example html-file: https://pannellum.org/documentation/examples/video/



(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

I don’t know the best 360 player, but it is pretty easy to incorporate that into Hype. Here’s what you’d do:

  1. Add a HTML Widget
  2. Take the example code provided on the site and paste into the Widget’s Inner HTML
  3. Any specific references (in this case the absolute, not https, paths) should be replaced with ‘${resourcesFolderName}/’ for the path.

For example,

<script src="/js/videojs-pannellum-plugin.js"></script>


<script src="${resourcesFolderName}/videojs-pannellum-plugin.js"></script>

(do this for the poster image and videos)

  1. Then drag in those files into the Hype Resources Library.

Here’s an example from their page I threw together:



Awesome Jonathan,

thank you very much for your help!!