Windows / PC version of Tumult Hype

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There’s a new kid in town for PC users:


Interesting… interesting. :thinking:
Mac version is on the way too.

I see some nice features… looks like it has parameters on actions, I like how the data is shown in the timeline, sprite sheets are good and it has vector shapes. I didn’t see physics though, so it’s not more advanced than Hype overall. Although, Physics is underpowered in Hype right now. (Needs more API!)

Here’s what’s disturbing though…

I don’t know how Tumult should react to that. The two apps seem quite similar.

I mean really…

The two apps, and two websites, looks similar to me. While $99 wouldn’t break the bank, and I think Tumult needs a bit of healthy competition, I don’t feel comfortable supporting that company.

This is sad, because ActivePresenter looks cool. I was looking at the site and I’m like… cool …but then I look at the HTML5 app and I’m like, this looks a little too familiar. Although, Pixelmator is similar to Photoshop, so is there really a problem here?

Regardless, it shows that Tumult really needs to get in gear though. Cross-platform HTML5 interactivity is possible on both Mac and PC.

Heh, neither of the two apps have Linux support though. Maybe I should make that one. HA HA. :smile:

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I have been using Hype since 2012. It is seriously THE ONLY reason I still have a Mac laptop. I am an industrial designer and do a lot of work in 3D which many of the apps I use are only available for windows. While most of my experience using computers; I preferred Mac’s for many years. Though as many other’s have stated in this thread, Apple has abandon their Pro Users; and I can’t agree more. I’m fed up with Apple at this point. I think the only way they will retain or regain their pro user-base, is by licensing OS X to run on standard PC hardware. I can build a much better machine for my needs than apple ever offers; at a fraction of the cost of their supposedly comperable product offering (Mac Pro; which shouldn’t even use the “Pro” moniker). I’m generally quite nonplussed by the last several releases of OS-X. PLEASE make HYPE for Windows. Add me to the list . . .

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When you bring into your request PC are cheaper than Macs and PC are standard around the world etc. I feel it just clouds your request in the age old argument of Mac v Pc.

Every time I see one of these requests that has that included, it makes Me feel like responding just to that and not about if there should be a PC version.

Just state that you want to see a PC version because your main tool is a PC.

If we take all the PC v Mac stuff out of the equation, I would have no reason to not support a PC version as long as the develoment was not detrimental and change Hype in ways to only accommodate a PC version.

And I do not see why anyone feels that they need to join the forum to request this. Tumult like most companies have email which can easily be found and used.


I’m not sure I agree with this.

The iMac Pro is a pro computer. Sure, it should be easily upgradable by the owner, but the cost is supposedly competitive to similar PC hardware – and it’s even hard to make that comparison because the iMac Pro is so new.

Hype is a reason I’m still using a Mac, but so is Pixelmator… and Pages, and Numbers, and Keynote… but the main reason is Xcode.

I’m waiting to see how the new Mac Pro looks before I give up on Apple.

There has to be a reason they haven’t updated the Mac mini. Maybe in 2018 we’ll find out. If not, and if my app sales are doing poorly, I might make the switch to Linux.


It’s hard to develop software for multiple platforms – especially if that software was designed specifically for Mac. Like right now, I’m sitting here and wasting my weekend, just because audio doesn’t loop properly in a WKWebView… but it’s totally fine on the web.

Personally, I hate Windows. I don’t want to go back – and Apple is making that difficult. I’d rather see a Linux version of Hype. I actually think an iOS (iPad) version of Hype actually makes more sense. Wow, that would be awesome… if I could actually be productive with a mobile app. As a comparison, while I really like Pixemator on the Mac, the iOS version is fairly useless for me.

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“Most customers - even graphics professionals - are on PCs,” Maybe by raw numbers, but my question is what is actually produced on Windows graphics programs and at what cost? This last summer I worked on a web project for a friends company, and contractually was required to do the work on Windows 10 at his facility, using Adobe software and the Joomla content management system, which some people seem to worship (more about that later)

I have worked for 4 years in a school system, the last 2 on Windows 10, so I know my way around it. The basic operations regarding files’folders, etc are where it falls apart badly compared to OSX. I dealt with over 300 documents, making text and logo changes to meet vendor brochure requirements, modifying existing documents. NO question that the project took twice as long as it would have taken on OSX due to the fact that every operation required more steps and tweaking around. Adobe is a train wreck, in my opinion.

When you are talking about a large site, over 50 pages because of the numbers of required documents, NO question in my mind that a two month project on my Macs was a 5 month project on the Windows machine (server lag played a part in that, don’t even ask my opinion of working in the "Cloud!!!)

And Joomla thrashing played a part. It is the equivalent of the empty cardboard box that you put the product in, but people seem to think it is the product. Its just a file system, dependent on themes which must be purchased and each one operates differently with respect to Joomla. And each Joomla theme seems to require the purchase of various plug-ins, extensions, modules, which have their own glitches.

I could have done this using Hype for parts of it, yes even complete pages, or one of the several OSX web production apps in far less time.

The point of all this is that yes, I suppose it could be true that there may be more apps for Windows, but after seeing them I now conclude that OSX is by far the most productive. Like there are more virus apps for Windows and we all know the reason for that.

I have in the past even posted on this thread for a pro-Windows option.

Not any more, not after losing my summer to this contract, the only reason I knew it was summer is because it was hot in the parking lot.

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If only we could quarantine this thread from Mac v PC. Thats a virus in itself and seems everyone posting here is getting infected.

This is going to be the first thread on these forums to mark as do not notify or watch. Muted.

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I agree 100%

Read the discussion before writing, it would be enough.

The word “professional” is too often used. If you really work you do not have the problem of the hardware or software platform. You can use everything you need.

In this month I’m working on a 3D project and I have an original license of 3D studio max, for this I have a pc ( boot camp on another mac with all files stored in OSX or vice versa). I do not need to call Autodesk to make 3d Max for Mac.


Hi Tumult, I wanted to throw my hat in the Windows ring to ask graciously about considering a Windows version. I know there is likely a bias against doing all the work required to create a version that runs on “that other OS”, but as a long time Windows user (and there are lots of things I don’t like about it), it still is my OS of choice. I don’t run Windows for its own sake, but for the applications that run on it. It would be wonderful if you would please consider this for the “other half” that don’t use Macs.
We are in a bind now since Adobe cancelled Edge Animate, so you could play an important role in satisfying that demand in the Win world. And you could easily double your sales or more overnight. Please keep this in mind. I would be most grateful and would encourage you to consider this effort to be worthwhile.
Thanks, Ian


@jonathan – I think there is one colossal reason to develop Hype for other platforms… the walled garden. I think that frustration alone would have had you already porting Hype to Bionic Beaver. :smile:

Lack of proper desktop hardware updates and frustrating app store approval process is a big problem for developers. Why do you put up with it?

The web is meant to be free, not controlled by 4-5 companies… Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Facebook… that is the number one reason why I think Hype should go multi-platform. Hype is for building websites and web content. The web isn’t Mac only. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a Mac only app.



Hype is for building websites and web content. The web isn’t Mac only. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a Mac only app.

A good example of a syllogism… but I don’t see the dots connecting.

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I apologize but I do not see the link between development tool and final output. It’s not important what I use to do it. With a mac I can use programs for both win/mac, the multiplatform hardware avoids problems :slight_smile:

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Id say, It be nice to see a PC version but not a real necessity. For those that have Macs and have been using macs alongside Windows via Parallels, VM Ware, Bootcamp its not that significant to have a Pc version. I for one use a Mac Pro early '08 and Bootcamp into Windows 10 when theres a specific need to test stuff out. That said, I don’t really need a PC version. Im all in favor of Tumult focusing on new features than to create a PC version. However, I do understand that tumult can grow as a company by way of distributing to platforms other than OS X. But, with more platforms comes more support and troubleshooting which accounts for a lot of time spent not sure if its worth for Tumult to look into this. If anything Id say a web version of Hype Professional via monthly plan for advertisers, publishers? I don’t know just thinking out loud.


If everyone depends on Apple to make the computers for developers, then the speed of the Internet is governed by Apple. That’s dangerous.

Mac is what… 10% of the computer market, which is being overshadowed by the mobile market… but even that is mainly content consumption. It’s not content creation, no matter how much Tim Cook wants to pretend “what’s a computer”. Apple can’t even be bothered to update the specs on the Mac Mini – even though they’re the richest company around, on track to be the first to a trillion dollars.


So, the other 90% of desktop users in the world, they shouldn’t have access to something like Hype? I don’t think there is an equivalent on Linux or Windows. Only those that can afford to buy Macs should get to enjoy Hype?

To me, that’s pretty sad. There should be more competition. It shouldn’t be just pick a side of the top 4-5 corporate dictatorships. Facebook / Twitter for social, Google for search, Windows for business apps, Mac for development.

I’m not even a fan of Windows… but is this it? Is this the pinnacle of tech? I hate Google, but even I’m surprised how cheap Chromebooks are. Macs are generally well built, with nice hardware and software, but what happens to Apple (and the companies that rely on Apple) as more and more businesses and consumers opt for these cheaper machines?

Here’s another example… …there’s such lack of clarity in their hardware lineup. Are they killing the MacBook Air? Are they killing the Mac Mini? If they’re not killing the Air, what’s up with their laptop lineup?

I used to read about Moore’s law, Ray Kurzweil’s lofty predictions of the future. For the past… eh… 10 years or so, not much has changed. Sure, smartphones turned the world into hunchbacks, but what of the desktop? Is this it?

Apple has gotten lazy with their desktops. If not for Hype and Xcode, I’d probably be gone.

Look at Pixelmator. That’s a great Mac exclusive app. But it looked like they got hit with really bad reviews when Pixelmator Pro launched. I was looking forward to that app, then I was like… nope! Does Tumult really want to put all their eggs in one basket?

Why is it one or the other? More sales means more resources, which means more features can be added… or is there something I’m missing? Is there a reason why a near trillion-dollar company can’t upgrade their desktop hardware like every other computer company? Does a company get sick when they get a lot of money? Do they lose the ability to innovate?

…also, what’s the benchmark? Other than Hype, what Mac only app has been super innovative?

What on the Mac App Store can compare to this list… …That’s the closest I see to innovation these days, it’s open source… which is often multi-platform.

Obviously Hype is not open source, but it’s cheap. What feature in Hype is so lacking? Joints would be nice for animation. I’ve been a proponent for a Physics API. Yet, nothing would change this software or this community like multi-platform support.

I suppose that is a strong argument against multi-platform, heh, as this community is pretty cool. But when I’m out there doing the development thing, I’m seeing more and more Windows, Google and now Amazon for web services. I hate it. I see Apple so rich and yet so incapable of doing extraordinary things… besides revenues… does anything post Jobs compare in innovation? Eh, some nice earphones, I’m not a fan of the Apple Watch or the iPhone 6 through X – excluding the SE (which is basically an iPhone 5 with iPhone 6S power). I hate the new butterfly keyboards.

Apple is feeling more corporate to me. It’s not as fun, as wondrous as it used to be.

I’m faced with a tough decision, do I want to limit myself? Do I want to move at the turtle pace of macOS, which really hasn’t improved much? Do I want to play by the rules of the sandbox, where I pay an annual subscription just so Apple can take 30%? The answer I keep getting is no… but I stay… why?

Hype is one of the main reasons. So, this thread is sad to me. It means that if Hype doesn’t support other platforms, and Apple continues to disappoint me, it means at some point I’ll be forced to say goodbye. Hype is a great app, but it’s just one app.

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maybe there is a bit of confusion between “Professional” and “customer”.
A professional must offer any service, the platform is not important for his customer. I cam make the same product with win or mac. I work wit both systems. Collaborations with a lot of professionals with both systems, in video, in photograpy in HTML and also in printing.

with a mac I can solve any problem with any team in any company, This is the real question, work for fun or work as a professionals.

moreover We are going OT, better to open a new discussion on market shares.


That’s not the case for me. Apple abandoned a lot of cool tech recently. Want to use a Mac as a proper web server? Nope, the Xserve is dead. Server software is not much better. Look at the server app reviews on the Mac App Store. Linux just demolishes Apple in this space.

Want a cool Apple router? I don’t know the future of the airport line, but it doesn’t look good. I was waiting for years for Apple to release a new model, but it seems that I’ll have to look at non-Apple tech for an upgrade.

It is true that a Mac can make one like a digital superhero in a typical office environment. Yet, that doesn’t really take away the strengths of the other platforms. There are people that use Windows or Linux all day to solve their tech problems.

The point is cross-platform availability for Hype. Let’s say it’s true that 50% of the world’s creative web designers only use Mac, why not reach the other 50 percent?

Quark, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Microsoft Office… basically the same experience on Mac or Windows.

The strength of Flash, probably the closest comparison to Hype, was that it ran on basically everything… for content creation and consumption.

What content would be missing if Flash was Mac only? Heh, basically all Flash content is missing now, as people opt to uninstall Flash. Yet, this created a giant hole in the web. Hype is a leader in this space, but is limited because it is Mac only.

I still like Apple. It is still my preferred platform. But the simple reality is that more people use Windows and I think Linux is looking great lately. So, what do I say to these people that want to try Hype? Just go buy a Mac, but not a Mac Mini because it’s from 2014 and even that model is basically a downgrade from the 2012 model, so go buy a $1000+ laptop or iMac so you can run this $50-$100 app.

Creativity is not an exclusive trait to Mac users. Creative people can use Windows or Linux. I think it’s important to remember the next generation… and not just in the United States. When you’re starting out in web design, $1000 is a tough ask for a college kid or even high school kid. So, do you get a loan or do you recycle an old PC and toss Linux on it? How long will Hype be around? 5 years… 10 years… 50 years? If it spans across generations, then why not think about attracting more users?

Is Hype an industry standard? In the design world, that’s huge. To me, it’s bigger than any feature in Hype 4. It means that your expertise in the app matters, that you can get paid for your work, that you can command a better salary. I don’t think I’ve seen a job posting that required experience in Hype… and the jobs in my field like to list every stupid web development app, library or latest fad.

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Now we are totally OT and would be better to open a new discussion about the costs of the software and the difference between professioanls and normal users. I’m really sorry but this argument has become involutionary, there is no homogeneous discussion. sorry again :slight_smile:


Seemed pretty on target to me. :man_shrugging:t2:

This thread is about discussing the merits of a Windows version of Hype, is it not? My new arguments are… frustration with Apple and Industry Standardization. Outside of this forum, and if I didn’t bring it up, I can’t remember a single time this software was mentioned. (That’s not counting the cool guy in the Apple store who mentioned it – back in late 2011.) I work with hundreds of IT people – Mac, PC and Linux users.

Well, I think there might have been one guy that forwarded the 1.6 update email to me, but that’s Hype 1.6… one of the greatest updates in the history of updates.

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and some of the web development apps that you are referring to are just amazingly horrible, every day there is some silly CMS I never heard of being shown as a requirement as if its a gold standard.