Windows / PC version of Tumult Hype

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Yes I have. That’s what makes it convoluted. This is a feature request thread. Not a “Let’s do our best to make an argument not to.”

I understand the reasons, the cost, and everything that’s involved. Every businessman does. But my point is to make the question easily accessible to everyone who visits the site, including those who are only on PC and not just those who already use it on Mac. Put whatever questions you want on there. I don’t care.

I’ve been in advertising and marketing for 20 years. If you seriously want to know if the market is viable, then ask those questions to the correct demographic; those who use PC. If they see it’s only for Mac on the first page, they’ll move on.

I’m not trying to be an ass, but a successful businessman once told me, “Either stop making excuses and move forward, or get the hell out of the way.” :wink:

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Ok, but how many people who are only on Windows have ever heard of Hype, my guess not very many, so how valid would those results be?

I think the question would be just as speculative as it is now. It’s easy to Yes on a survey, but how meaningful is it?

I think there are good reasons to consider a Windows version, but not based on what you are suggesting.


We are investigating a tool like Hype so our developers and designers can work on the same tool when required. However, the lack of a PC version is a deal killer. Sure, our designers use Macs (and I’m writing on one now) but with Apple’s current direction it seems clear that Macs are on a hiding to nowhere for the pro user. Our devs use Windows (when not using Linux), our VR people use Windows, our 3D designers, our Animators and our testers use Windows. Our 2D designers, account team and some producers use Mac but we used to be an all-mac shop before the FCX and Black Suppository silliness.
If you guys want to get used by events or comms agencies, unless they are print and some web only, Mac specific is a hiding to nowhere.
I’m off to look at GWD and Adobe Animate (yuk) to see if they can do what I need for the next project.



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Your keyphrase: “my guess not very many”. You’re simply guessing and we don’t know either. It’s like asking, “How many fish are in this pond?” Why are you asking yourself only to guess an answer? If you really want to know, stop making excuses, put your bait out there and find out.

How valid is a “Feature Request” thread that’s not public, you have to register to request, and trolled by fanboys who make excuses to not to make a PC version?

Questions are only speculative if they’re not asked.

It IS easy to Yes on a survey. That’s why they have surveys.

More meaningful than a nonpublic thread you have to search for and then register to comment.

What “reason” am I suggesting? I didn’t suggest a reason to consider a Windows version. I’m merely pointing out that if they really want to dig and see if this is a viable option, put the question on the main page, not here.

If the guys at Tumult weren’t curious to see if a PC version were an option, this “Feature Request” thread wouldn’t exist. If they have absolutely no plans to do it; just say so, drop the subject, close the thread, and move on. PC users will find something else. I assure you, SOMEONE will make a comparable PC version. They always do.

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So hype will have to be better than this winapp :slight_smile: i’d like that idea …

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this thread is becoming surreal. We are many with 20 years of experience and we have also been working with PC.
After 20 years of work I learned that need money for development.
Hype is a jewel made by a few people and is considered the AnimateCC competitor (LOL). I propose a real solution; Hype Pro 4 for 200usd (no kicstarter but more money from users), it is and an year of development for Hype 5 Win (maybe with a slow development) in 2019.

If you compare softwares you should compare also the real cost

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Haha! I wouldn’t go that far. :wink: And your solution is sound.

Animate CC is nowhere near in class and ease as Hype. I tried everything. EA was good. I would even go as far as saying it a “lite” version of Hype, now having used both. ACC is just…I can’t even say. And I used to use it when it was Flash Pro for years. Nodefire is limited and GWD just sucks. Isn’t there a time limit on software to be in beta? :wink:

As I mentioned, I downloaded the Pro, built an expanding banner for DCM, went through the forums for answers to several questions and found what I was looking for. I agree. It’s a jewel. Nice job guys!

Conclusion: I’ll buy the Pro version since I need to eat, and hope that my Mac will last a couple more years. After that, done. Can’t justify spending thousands on hardware just to use a $99 software. By that time, I hope there’ll be something. Or back to EA if it’s still around.


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Or you can do what I am doing. I operate on a Macbook and a Mini, with all my files on a USB connected SSD. But, I am budgeting to buy a used 2012 Mac Pro, will do one SSD drive in it go with whatever it already has in it for the other 3 drives and upgrade those as I need. At this point, they are available to buy used or recon. It will run Sierra, who knows who many more “upgrades” after this point, but that does lock me in to at least Hype 3.5 for certain, again who knows how far the Sierra and Hype 3.5 combination will go before the 2012 Mac Pro is declared obselete, therefore no more upgrades from Apple. Maybe two or three more updates,no one knows at this point. But at least I could soldier on being no worse off than I am right now. And I can devote one of those drives to Windows if I need it.

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You would lose me if that happened. I would never pay that much money for an App but saying that I do not make money from using Hype.

For those who want to pay to help developing a Windows version then maybe paying 200usd for that dev is the way to go to buying a PC version.

@papaD, This is a thread started by users and not Tumult, the fact that the Hype team have taken the time respond to it does not make it the official place for that Marketing research.

what is said in the post

Clearly shows that and also puts forward the current position as seen by them.
I do not see this as taking ownership of the question that started the thread.

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@MarkHunte Exactly! Thank you. That’s a better way to put it.

Consideration to develop a PC version should fall under Marketing research, not under “Feature Request”. You don’t market to those who already own it, nor do you “hide” the question in a forum.

Actually, it does. Because the question that started the thread is, “What would like to see as a feature in Hype?” However, the question of a PC version was theirs before this thread even started, as stated above. But I digress, developing a PC version is more than just a feature, if for any reason other than the magnitude of undertaking such a task.

As @michelangelo said, this is getting surreal.

I simply made a suggestion to make this request more easily accessible to PC visitors of the site in regard to this comment:

Since many, who are on PC and obviously don’t have Hype but are looking for a top-notch H5 animation app, won’t take the time to search and register to make this request. And why would they? As soon as they see “for Mac only”, they move on without even seeing the features and benefits to warrant such a request. Thus, making this thread an ineffective barometer of who would use Hype on PC.

You’ve said yourself, you would never pay 200usd for the software alone! Who would pay thousands of dollars for hardware to purchase it for less than a hundred?

A debate is unwarranted, unnecessary, and a waste of my time. I will comment no further on this.

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You sound like the only one with common sense on this forum!
I bought a Mac just to use this software,Hypes not as useful as i’d hoped it would be.Maybe by the time they get their heads outa the clouds, someone would of filled the windows gap-hopefully with something better!
Although i like Mac now-i don’t like the company.

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The Mac has been around for 33 years and nothing gets folks riled up like a Mac vs. PC debate :smile:. These forums are a great resource for users productively and creatively helping one another, but this is the saltiest thread I’ve seen!

Let’s keep things civil here.

We at Tumult like to hear from users, and in regards to a PC version, it is helpful to gauge interest by volume and also hearing stories on why you may need a windows version. We understand not everyone has the same circumstances that led them to their computing platform; the reasons here are technical, cost, convenience, personal, managerial-mandate, and many others that we find interesting. We don’t like market blindspots, and encourage requests like this thread.

There has been talk on how we might best approach new versions and new platforms (or not approach them!). I appreciate the advice and thought experiments, but pricing and release is probably better handled by us with our market visibility and any future research.

I have often wondered if some of the fuel is a fear of creative tooling companies losing their focus on the creative parts, and instead being run by marketing or business folks. This seems to happen in the industry from time to time (cough Adobe cough). I can relate that a Windows version, which by definition is a lot of work and no new features, could be a sign of such an unfortunate shift. “The first step in avoiding a trap is knowing of its existence!” Our focus is increasing creative capabilities of users, I never want that to change.

Anyways, I’ll just reference my previous response here, since it covers our current thinking on the topic:

I won’t close this thread, but let’s keep it on the “here’s my request and why” wavelength instead of arguing about someone’s computing choice or how Tumult will or won’t go about doing it.

Thanks, and back to work!

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Sorry. Mine were just guesses, just ideas. I have worked in software development and I have experience. So, having both versions would be great but without losing resources in mac.


Edge Animate was also used by Adobe to inflate its early adoption number for CC. They were providing it at no charge for those who signed up.

Adobe’s decision to go subscription-only posed a serious problem for many. The key concern where I am is that we believed that the way we used the tools should be considered our intellectual property. This means the master files. Once you start working in CC, you have access to your master files only as long as you pay to access them. This rubbed us the wrong way.

I am glad to see outfits such as Tumult and Affinity continuing to stick with permanent licenses.


I’m hoping that Apple will come to its senses and return to expandable machines. And while I would not expect such a thing from Apple, it would be great if they would align some of their architecture to be more compatible with Windows cards. There are (and have been for a long time) Windows cards that can run from a Mac driver but they need to handle things in a funky way, which makes the same card slightly slower on a Mac than a PC.

In terms of professionals who use Hype – those in a corporate setting – are probably using iMacs. Apple has paid enough attention to was was once a strictly consumer product line (graphite versions being a slight nod to pros, but only so they would look more serious). I’ve been running the biggest and fastest since the early 90s but drew a line at the current MP format. Practically the only thing I didn’t spring for with my MP tower was a Quadro, but that was because of the buck bucks for the bang.

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Hi I want to tell you how important itr is for me to use Hype as an Industrial Designer, unfortunately I have a PC and can not get to work as I wished. I t will be so much better if there was a version for Windows and trust me, I know a lot of more students that are waiting for the same! Please take into account, we would really appreciate it!!

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I love this deeply rooted believe and loyalty to a company’s mission, which makes it real and personal. And, I can only hope that one day it will be brought to the other side of the fence, so Windows users can experience how it increases there creative capabilities too.

MacroMedia b®ought some great products too, and also did Adobe before they lost the connection with there mission and drove onto the Enterprise road (to nowhere).

Splash became Flash and grew up under MM. Same for Authorware, DreamWeaver, RoboHelp, RoboDemo and of course FireWorks! Great tools for all kinds of creative people. Life was good :blush: but… suddenly there was the merger.

Photoshop and Illustrator still are the backbone of Adobe’s Creative Suite… but again, they’ve changed there focus from Creative-growth to Business-growth. Or maybe it’s just a creative mask, as they’ve showed there real face once before, when they pulled out the Mac-plug and became Windows-only. Oops…!

So please, hold onto that mission of yours and see how it could inspire creative users of other hardware. Thanks.

Best regards,

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Hi! I feel like I should contribute to this now that I’ve had to give Hype a go. I have to use Hype in college regularly, and it’s a huge part of my college course. Unfortunately, I don’t own a Mac and can’t afford a Mac - that means the only time I can use the program is at class, but being that the lab isn’t open long at all, it makes timing very frustrating in order to get work done, especially major projects.

Of course, by the time a Windows version would come out, I’d likely be graduated, but I intend on using this program afterwards as well considering how easy to use and convenient it is. I’d love to also throw in a vote for a Windows version… Not that there is a vote going on, but I just really want a Windows version and would end up using it fairly often. Seems like a fair amount of people would too, but regardless, I hope at some point there is a Windows/PC version.

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I like the planning ahead :slight_smile:. All feedback counts - thanks for yours!

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I have come back for a visit to this thread and wow is it interesting! :wink:

My 2 cents, Hype is a great application and as with all applications it is only as good as the creativity that a user brings to it.
I have pushed Pro into corners that I am sure were not thought of when Tumult developed Hype.

Does it have room to improve and grow? Absolutely, and that is what makes it so good.

I have made some Hype tools that are still being used by Windows users in an enterprise environment and I developed these on a Mac obviously and made the application such that it is easy for the Windows users to switch out visual assets and still keep the program running.

The bottom line is the output from Hype is versatile.
I get it though it would be nice for Windows Developers to have access to an easier way to make HTML 5 animation and some pretty handy tools with the ease we Hype users have these days.

As for the Mac let’s hope that the latest news on the new MacBook Pro’s are a light into some real Hardware upgrades for a change.