Windows / PC version of Tumult Hype

Sadly for me, my new job has me on a Windows computer.
Hey make a version for windows and make money off of more people.


Take a look at

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VirtualBox works great for getting Windows to run on a Mac. But I don’t think you can run Mac on a Windows box without some serious hacking and careful build process. Did something change recently that makes it possible to run OSX in a virtual machine?

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Here's a way to use a Mac on a Windows machine:

If you have a Mac somewhere, you could install on it and share your screen.

Also, there's:

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It’s not real pretty but it works.
Or do the macinacloud option.
I tend to like to use a Mac to run windows and a Mac though :wink:

That’s nutty:) I guess someone could figure it out. Wonder how well it runs?

I actually really like well built Windows machines. But once you build a good windows config, it’s almost the price of a low to mid-range Mac. At work, it’s always low-bid box. So I just buy my own gear:( And it’s almost always a Mac, like a habit:P

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Yeah I have to work on both platforms as well and I have had to find lots of work arounds for Windows when it comes to HTML5. Let’s see what the new “Spartan” looks like…but after years of being a creative Mac person I am a bit guarded on the next big Windows thing :wink:

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Today I installed mac osx 10.10 on my windows machine via virtualbox specifically so I could try Hype, but it’s just not good enough. Even on my “gamer pc” I can’t get the resolution right, it’s slow and it stutters. It’s unusable. I honestly wouldn’t bother.

If moderators or anyone from Tumult read these forums, I beg you to make a Windows version.

I’ve read that windows 10 will make porting apple apps to windows much, much quicker and easier. I hope that’s true.


We read these forums :smile:. We’ve also been paying attention to the Windows 10 Objective-C announcements!


Just started as consultant today at a global enterprise where the aim is to have a UX designer in every software team. Windows is the standard. Macs are more or less not allowed.

There is a discussion on what common tools that should be recommended. I would strongly advocate for Hype over Edge, as one of the recommended tools, if there was a Windows version of Hype.

Might be a good idea to develop that :slight_smile:


…and we happened to have that particular discussion today…

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… can we have a hope of tumult hype for windows – soon?


"macs are more or less not allowed"
Well to be honest i dont understand why you cant have 1 or 2 macs for design purposes considering their displays and color vibrances are way better, i dont believe in pc mac elitism in either direction :stuck_out_tongue: We had macs in a microsoft owned software company where we made sharepoint content, we still had the ux designers and people who pitched to clients working with big mac screens.
But yeah, i’m not answering your question, i just dont think if you bring a mac to work and you produce content faster they’ll be mad :stuck_out_tongue:

probably it should be completely rewritten.
It means to have enough earnings to invest. I hope for Tumult inc.!

It would be a great improvement for Win users.

BTW: the new Adobe ANIMATE ( killed Edge) cost over 250usd / year

Oh right I forgot, I used the new version of Adobe Animate last week and the filesize of their external called library, the amount of things it uses which it doesn’t need to use and the ability to add functionality doesn’t compare to Hype.

I wouldn’t even say adobe animate’s export is a complicated version of hype as much as it is an unoptimized bloated version of hype.

I don’t even get why it shoves everything in a canvas container when it doesn’t even need to use canvas on the situations i tested it on… This comes from a flash developer for 11 years :stuck_out_tongue: It’s not there yet

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Well… Adobe… There is sort of no trust anymore. Expensive and complicated license models.
The failure of Edge. Most of the Adobe apps these days are complex - in a way that doesn’t lead to efficient usage. One example; its fantastic with 3D-features in Photoshop. But are they really useful?

My guess is that it will take a while before the new Adobe Comet will be stable and useful.

Hope Tumult will do new amazing things with Hype in the meantime!


My background is development and I am still doing both, developing and designing. Sooooo many tools for design are only available for mac and this has become a real pain point for me. I hear how much importance people put one everyone in a company being involved in design and carrying for the user. But what I see technological wise is still the concentration on one eco system. Sad for those who want to participate and simply don’t want to buy new hardware to use a specific software.

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Wow! What a wonderful application! :slight_smile: It seems extremely obvious this software should also be available for Windows users. Having a thread on the topic is just weird for me. The amount of money you are constantly losing each day by not having a PC version is most likely quite staggering. Not having a version of this amazing software for PC AND Mac is just nuts in my opinion.

Like Nike states : JUST DO IT! :slight_smile:


You're overreacting

The development costs would be high (more than gain for a lot of time), and the program must be rewritten completely. It means hiring new programmers. It means also slow and complex development.

In my (very personal) opinion, tumult can become rich without windows, without giving money to the Appstore Mac and Win.



In fact, if creating a windoze version detracts from development and elaboration of the main product then I would prefer it didn’t happen!