Windows / PC version of Tumult Hype

Hype could probably run in a web browser. Then, it’s just a matter of tossing it into the platform’s equivalent of a WebView. There are solutions to this problem. Because Hype is only on a Mac, it can’t be an industry standard.

But OK, don’t do Windows – how about an iOS / iPad version of Hype? Pixelmator did something nice.

What is good is that Apple made Swift open source. So, that creates a lot of options. It’s just a matter of getting Hype off of Objective-C and onto Swift. Then, that might lead to support for lots of different platforms.

Yes you can run it on a Windows PC

But only on Intel machines not AMD

Love my Mac but I know several clients that would adopt Hype as a workflow system if it were on Windows as well.

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I would LOVE Hype on Windows! We’re an all Mac office so I use the software constantly for work. I would have bought my own copy to do freelance projects at home but we are exclusively PC. While I love Hype, I wouldn’t toss all that money on an Apple just for one program. I do know there is a virtual box route I could do but usually they never tend to play nice with Windows. I’m just throwing in my vote for a Windows version! :smiley:


I second the need for a windows version of Hype. I’ve been working with web based UIs for 15 years now. Adobe fools its users since many years and many urge the need for serious alternatives. Affinity IS an alternative and is currently dedicating most of their manpower to get their windows versions ready >> in the very near future, we can overcome Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, yai!!. Affinity Designer also replaces and succeeds my favourite app of all time, Macromedia/Adobe Fireworks.
There still is no replacement for Flash (or Animate CC as it is called lately). I always loved Flash and I miss a tool for easy and/or complex keyframe animations targeted to HTML5 canvas. Won’t you be that tool, not only for the little Mac world, but for the big Windows world as well?


Suspicious :thinking:

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As a graphic designer of 30yrs and an animator and web programmer for over 20yrs, I really believe you are missing a big chunk of the market by not supporting Windows. I personally prefer Windows and the idea that Mac is better for designers etc, even on this tread, is just hype and mis-information.

Your software sounds great and I would have thought a windows version would essential in this day and age.


Interest on the hype is growing, and I’m happy for that.

This forum is very active, but we have about a couple of posts every two months on this.
I think tumult needs at least 50 a month to take this request seriously.

On a Mac you can use a PC, but not vice versa :scream:


“Because Hype is only on a Mac, it can’t be an industry standard.”

There are some windows exclusives that are industry standard, for me and my company, Hype is right now a standard.

Also, Adobe runs both in OSX and Windows and the performance is just awful, I love the idea of native performance such as Hype and Affinity Designer, even the new XD software from adobe is right now OSX exclusive and it runs amazing.


Windows dominates the desktop market…

OS X is listed at less than 10%.

More importantly, Hype uses a true standard – the web trinity. HTML, CSS and JavaScript work across all major / modern computer platforms. Linux, Windows, iOS, macOS, Android could all be supported. Hype could be modified to be web based - even if just run locally - and then support nearly 100% of the platforms on the market.

Looking at the hardware…

Most Macs are listed as “Don’t Buy”. The new MacBook Pro has a lot of people wondering if Apple lost their creativity. I’ve been wondering if I should switch my main desktop to Linux. Aside from Hype, I’m not sure what I’d miss.


As noted in a previous post just above by @Photics[quote=“Photics, post:26, topic:1852”]

Suspicious :thinking:

And now another like by @jonathan on the post just below that one. I don’t think You have to be Chief of Detectives appreciate something’s up - the question seems to be when… reasonably soon I would imagine otherwise why the recent set of smoke signals?


I have used Hype to make some very game changing visualization tools for some large CPG clients and they were amazed at the speed that I was able to tackle a problem and get something rolled out.
The only major holdback for all of them is that they are in a Windows World.
If Hype goes across platforms it will gain a huge following.
This is by far the best application for
• Prototypying
• Building Hybrid Apps
• Creating Visualization tools for Manufacturing.
• Education
• Rich e-Publishing.
I work on both a Mac and a PC and would love to be testing and teaching on both :slight_smile:


i think we are already very happy for the quality of Hype.
We have a lot with this tool and this is a small company (but talented).
the first thing we must do is agree to pay more and help the development ( well said @nick)

How much cost hype for both platforms? developed without tons of dollars like adobe?
would you pay 200/250usd Hype? I will do and hype worth even more

How much cost the porting? How many new win. programmers in the Hype team? 3 or 4 more salaries.
how long it take? one year, two?

For us: as it slows down the development?
I lived real nightmares with more than one software for this and is not correct to think that all users are programmers or passionates.

Affinity suite is a good example, born for a small team and now, new public enemy of Illustrator and Photoshop

Panotour Pro is the opposite, slow development, “infinite” bugs in Mac (natively win) insane price for the cost of the double development.

So, windows is welcome? …despite the operating system?
yes, of course, with minimun 50 request a month on this forum and hype pro for 200/250usd

my two cents



90% of the desktop market is untapped. 100% of the mobile market is untapped. It’s not that existing customers need to pay more, it’s that Tumult needs more customers.

But if the risk in development is too great, there’s Kickstarter…



If Tumult can produce a windoze version without a loss in existing product quality, innovation or support I don’t think anyone would complain. However, I doubt that is possible. Considering their current size, Tumult would need to grow a lot to support and coordinate two codebases and a bunch of new customers.

Given that their main support mechanism is currently this forum - I’m not sure that would scale with even 10X more customers.

Of course, those people who use this forum to troll for business are probably seeing more potential $$$$ from a windoze version but that is no reason to degrade the product for current users.


A windows version would be awesome. At the end of the day it is a platform used by a lot of users including myself. We are a medium based 3D / design office with a mixture of both PCs. I annoyingly have to switch between a mac / windows PC to use hype which isn’t ideal. I definitely hope its in the cards!


+1 well said!
finally, a logical reasoning in the real world; opening eyes is a good thing.

I would want also the moon with the windows version, if possible :slight_smile:

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Recently I switched from Sketch app to Affinity Designer and from Photoshop to Affinity Photo, both because of the subscription-based model of the former and added support for OSX and Windows of the latter.

Also iMindMap 10 has bridged the gap between their Win and Mac versions of the software. A license is bought for two computers, Win and/or Mac. For me this is great, as I have to work on both platforms. Still a lot of the bigger IT departments simply don’t accept Apple machines in their Microsoft houses…

I love my MacBook Pro, so I just upgraded my late 2010 to SSD to give it an extra year or so. The new models simply are way to expensive and Apple forces me to buy a touchbar if I want the more powerful ones in the range. I hope 2017 will be the year they see the light, again.

They have to, as Redmond plays really hard with their Surface line. For now it’s mostly Hype Pro and also Zengobi Curio that kept me on Mac.

Best regards,

This company is a great but small company. I want more development in new tools from this company and not a double version.

Yes I know, probably we are 0.05% of Hype customers with this problem. If you are a professional you can use a license of Edge or Animate CC.

If you are a professional you can pay the fee for your software, I have the creative cloud by adobe and I pay the subscription.

I think we need a least 50% of existing customers with this request to consider the window version. (read above)

Any professional must offer more than one way to do the job, Hype is my favorite software in my work but I can’t use only this.

Bought both time ago and I use AD every day, nice apps.

However, we are “very” far from adobe tools. Take a look at the Affinity updates roadmap.

Just curious, who is all this ‘we’ in your postings…? :wink: