Windows / PC version of Tumult Hype

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I worked with some manufacturers with AI because this is a standard for sharing files and fonts for printing in Win only. Also some engineering companies for sharing files to Autocad to AI and vice versa.
The question is the OS and not the software. I use CorelDraw for some jobs on WIN on my mac. You can use both with your machine.

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In the big picture for me, I have been doing graphics since 1988. Mac always had the productivity advantage based upon things like their Human Interface Guidelines, and others that we all know about.

Not that much true anymore. Now its the quality of the interface provided by the app, not nearly so much by the operating system. On that basis, Windows would be viable for me. I commonly use as many as 10 apps to produce a project, so I begin to wonder just how important the operating system is. I use Windows 10 in a school environment, and it really is a no-drama OS, I think 75-90% of its problems relate to Flash. The Microsoft suite is God-awful complex, yet it works pretty well, I just don’t like their workflows.

As I said, the difference is now more in the individual app as opposed to the OS.

So If Hype was available for both, I would have to make a choice and for the first time since 1988, I would get serious about evaluating it.

I totally understand what would be involved, and if it caused the kind of challenges that others have talked about, then NO, because we don’t want to mess with the best development team in the business which we have at Tumult. That would be the critical factor for me.

I read a lot of Mac publications. Anyone who think that the Mac is going to be with us forever might just be kidding ourselves. I could be wrong, but a LOT of people are just as worried as I am, and we can’t all be considered crazy.

So, my stopgap plan is to buy a 2010-2012 Mac Pro cheese grater, the latest that can run Sierra so far. Not that I am any more of a fan of Sierra than anything newer than Snow Leopard, I can’t decide whether an Apple “Upgrade” is actually a “Change For The Change of Change downgrade” in many respects. I am really backing away from iCloud, and almost all Apple apps. The only common Apple apps that I use are Mail, Safari, Notes, Calendar, Maps is actually ok for me. Safari less every day due to compatibility issues at many sites. Firefox works. Mail is perpetually confused about accounts, of necessity I have 5 and at least once a day, I have to remember to do all iCloud mail in the browser version because Mail as often as not wants to send mail messages through one of the other accounts, which of course cannot work. I think the Apple “wiring diagram” has become like a 1960’s Italian or British sports car electrical diagram, the “Maybe” version where no one is sure what is connected to what. Or like older International brand trucks which were wired in all Black,I kid you not! You have to be old to know what they were.

Doing the Mac Pro thing might lock me to Sierra, who knows??? I don’t think Apple knows where they are going, for sure not telling us. So if true, I could theoretically then be locked to some future version of Hype and not be able to upgrade past what my computers can run…but we might be there in any case depending on what Apple does. And if that happens I will work with the latest version of Hype I can run and let it go at that.

We all know that Jonathan, Daniel and all the rest have to follow the "upgrade"path with operating systems in order to give us features that can be added, and we can’t blame them.

I will be around either way. Personally, I wonder if Apple shouldn’t just license OSX to a subsidiary that has some independence. Filemaker was a great application, and was a wholly owned Apple subsidiary. Haven’t needed database in some years, so I don’t even know if they exist.

Merry Christmas to all!

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I’m here slowly looking what I need under OS X and see if there is a viable replacement available for windows. If Hype would be made for Windows too that would help speed up my transition.

It’s funny, I’ve always been anti-windows, but since Apple stopped delivering on Pro hardware (I do some serious 3D rendering work at times), in favor of stripped down (hey, we removed all the slots its flatter now!) highly overpriced machines which are more “gadgets” then serious hardware, I’ve been warming up to the idea of leaving the ship after 20 years.

Around me I see more and more 3D artists leaving the Mac (and they won’t come back) in favor for the PC. I loved my Apple monitors but Apple no longer makes them so I’m behind a Dell now, a Dell. 4 years ago I would had rolled over the floor from laughter if anyone had suggested that to me.
I own 3 ‘cheese grates’ but they’re no longer supported by Apple, and Apple has nothing to replace them.

I think it hit me when I looked at Apples latest “offering” that stripped down macpro laptop with the silly touch strip and Microsofts 29" Surface Studio. I felt gutted that somehow MS seemed to had become the new Apple.

Anywho, I never thought I would say this but my vote for a Hype windows version is here as well.
Now if you excuse me I go sit in a corner and cry a little bit.:persevere:

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this is (unfortunately) true

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So if this true and the Surface offering seems to be the new ‘pro’ for media designers, then why exactly are you advocating to keep Hype on Mac only?

Yes, Tumult probably needs some extra developers to maintain the codebase for two platforms. On the other hand, if Apple keeps ‘innovating’ the way the show us now, the number of users will shrink every month.

As said before, I love Apple but upgraded my late 2010 MacBook Pro with a SSD as the new MBP offering isn’t a leap forward. I will wait another half a year to see how Microsoft and Apple making their moves on desktop / laptop, before I decide if I make a switch.

Hype is one of the applications that also keep me on Mac, because Tumult doesn’t offer a Windows version (yet), where others do. And no, I don’t like Adobe products. And yes, I’ve used them a lot. Started with Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere Pro. Used Splash, which was bought by Macromedia and became Flash. Also used Macromedia Director, RoboHelp, RoboDemo, Dreamweaver (and its predecessor of which I can’t remember the name) and Fireworks for web graphics. All of this acquired by Adobe that merged them into new products and overpriced suites and offerings.

Why do you think a lot of people started using alternative products? This is where Affinity comes in. Yes their roadmap is long, but the current state offers a lot of functionality most people use. I wouldn’t compare it to Illustrator, which has a developmental history of more than a decade, but to the ‘killed’ Fireworks. There are also a lot of people making the switch from Sketch, a great alternative to the missed Fireworks, but now only available via an Adobe-style subscription. Affinity offers the oldschool version license, which I think is great. They also released their products on Windows for an introductory pricing, because they are still at the verybbeginning of the roadmap. But again, a lot of functionality is already in there.

I think Tumult Hype Pro is a very nice and stable tool on Mac… it deserves that bigger audience, that didn’t choose for Apple and (unfortunately) never will.

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hi @maikr, imo I doubt the guys making hype don’t like the idea of a windows version - I mean why would anybody? I guess if they are not doing anything about it (yet), there has to be some reason related to their resources and/or vision about Tumult’s direction of growth. Of course I’d love a windows version too (since I’m keeping an eye for jumping ship one day) but only if the team feels they can stand behind it.

Regarding Sketch, I haven’t tried it yet (I’m too happy with Affinity), but I keep reading about their new “adobe-like subscription” model; yet as I see it, this is not the actual case. As can be seen on their blog announcement (blog link here) one is still buying the application, and can use it forever (as long as your OS supports it) past the “12 months of free updates”. It’s the updates that you stop getting; but I don’t think there are many programs that give life-time update warranty… On their blog they make a valid case about bringing forward features that would otherwise had waited for the next major version (normally in 2 years time). It remains to be seen if they live up to the promise. Having said that, I’d be pissed off if the last update I’m eligible to, left me with a broken piece software! :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy holidays everybody!

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my feeling is that hype needs a next step in new abilities and even better useabilty (physics, masking, rotating, symbols, editor … ) of already existing abilities. then it’ll has to grow further and parallel investigating in a windows version … that’s all about feelings :slight_smile:

I’m not dependend to hype in any way for my daily business, but i really like the tool, the people (some of them are really positive, engaged … may be simply helpful :slight_smile: ), playing around … so i would like to believe it’s not adobes next toy …

Have a nice day !

Hans-Gerd Claßen

(Maik van Rossum) #48

Yes, Sketch is a very fine tool and it nicely filled in the blank spot Adobe left when killing Fireworks. You’re absolutely right that their subscription model is a bit different and seems to be more fair then the one Adobe offers. You still can use the ‘old’ product if you decide to stop your subscription.

But, when introducing this model they doubled the price tag. The upgrade window was a “couple of years” after which you could buy an upgrade to the next version. It’s up to them if they would release some extra functionality in between major versions. Just like Hype 3.0 to 3.5 would have been considered a major.

Now you’ll have to pay a full version fee every year to stay up to date. After that, also minor updates or fixes are part of a subscription. Microsoft still fixes older versions of Office (not only security patches). Is 99 dollars a year a whole lot of money if you use a tool a lot. For me it’s not, but I wouldn’t call it fair either.

Fair is what Propellerheads does with Reason. You can upgrade from every older version to the latest for exactly the same price. They seem to consider it their responsibility to innovate in a way that you as a customer want to upgrade to the next level when it’s available. And, they allow me to use my license on Mac and PC.

(Fotis Kalafatis) #49

Totally agree with you @maikr - All very valid points!
I didn’t know about Sketch’s original price tag. I definitely see how this could create negative impressions.

Very insightful remark about how Propellerheads upgrade policy and business ethic works! I haven’t used the software (at first I thought you wrote some colloquialism about how propellerheads mess with reasoning and spend some moments trying to understand it :stuck_out_tongue:) - Given the 370€ price-tag and the 130€ upgrade price, they are on a different price-tier though; so maybe they do have the financial resources to sustain such a business model? I wouldn’t know, just a thought, I don’t even know how extensive this software is (or sketch as a matter of fact)…

I also totally love that some companies treat windows/mac licenses as one and the same, and for the most part this has been the norm in my case (as far as I can recall only Affinity that requires separate licenses). Maybe the commitment to the App Store is related to the problem. Of course the 50€ price tag sweetens the pill when having to buy the second license!

PS. As for Microsoft, I think they are one of the companies we love to hate :stuck_out_tongue: after switching to Apple six years ago, I realized they are not so “evil” after all :wink:

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from april to december 49 posts about the WIN version, about less than 7 posts a month: This is statistics…

I think the WIN version is very far and I hope tumult invest all efforts In the current version for the 2017. making Hype more usable from beginners, the real target of the 2017!
the only way to increase the business, to get money to plan the WIN version, of course.

happy new year :slight_smile:


The people here probably have Macs already. Why would a Windows guy post here?

The Internet has changed. People are less likely to make new accounts for websites. I started using the software in 2011, but I didn’t start posting on this website until April 28, 2015.

Also, I think there’s a huge flaw with the current argument. “We don’t want Windows because we want more Mac support!”

It’s been over a year since there was a significant update to Hype. The team is small. By opening up the software to support other platforms, the team could expand. That should lead to better support overall.

Kickstarter would be a better gauge of interest. People vote with their money. Unfortunately, Mousy didn’t make it. Would Hype fair better on Kickstarter? What if they started a $100,000 campaign to convert Hype to a multiplatform application? Would people sponsor it? Even if not, it would raise awareness of this software.

I think even if Tumult stays on their current course, multiplatform support is almost inevitable. Hype is an Objective-C application, which is a language that is being replaced by Swift. That language is open source.

There appears to be more than one path for Hype to expand into a multiplatform app – without incurring massive development / maintenance issues.

Anyway, happy new year! While 2016 was a sleepy year for Hype, it seems that 2017 should be better.


Hey @jonathan - I’m thinking you’ve seen this already…

That’s one theoretical way to build Hype once, but port it to multiple platforms. But even if not, that could be an interesting addition to Hype, allowing developers to export their Hype projects as application for multiple platforms.


Please, make a Windows Version of Hype. I’m working on a MAC for 8 years now and we are about to switch to PC because we just need better/faster Computers and there will be no MAC Pros in the near future.

And by the way: Having PCs at home: I do prefer Win10 PC by far! Wake up, people. The world of computing/graphic design has changed!

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are you a professional? How much would you pay for having the win version?


Yes, I am a graphic designer (3d/infographics/interactive graphics).
Right now the tool is the very flawed and soon to be discontinued Adobe

I would be certainly willing to pay more than 49$. I think Hype is worth

Why do you ask?

(Ken Heins) #56

Just guessing, but intuitively it would have to be more costly, only the Hype developers would possibly know about that.

Having said that: I have dual roles. I work in a school system and am an aspiring full time Hype freelancer, making the transition is hard, no other way to put it. Hard to take on a big Hype project and still fulfill school obligations, so I often choose not to bid on freelance.

But thats another story. On my 2 home Macs, I work on roughly 12 3rd party developer graphics and related design apps. Those 3rd party apps are all good, Hype being the best of them. Any Apple app: let me put it this way. Mail and Safari issues cause at least one log-out/log in or restart roughly every 4 hours. And many little irritating things every day that add up to maybe a wasted 30 minutes every day. I am starting to document that time, part of being seriously in business, Havent opened another Apple app, Pages, etc for over a year, no loss there.

At school I work on Windows 10, and on my personal Macbook. This is hard to say, being a Mac user since 1988. Windows 10 is pretty much a no drama system, we do have some relatively minor issues relating to having 12,000 computers in our school system of 26 schools. Once a month, maybe , we will get internet connection issues for as long as an hour. Irritating, but ,seriously not a big deal in the overall scheme of things. The school system is, of course, tied to Microsoft and Adobe. But those apps, very complex, work as well as my home apps.

Have been working on computers daily since roughly 1980.

Currently, the quality of the individual app is more important than the operating system.

Hard for me to say that, but I have been forced to that conclusion. The apps that I use that are available for both Mac and Windows work equally well on both.

I assume at some point in the next year I will need to replace my home Mini, and my Macbook due to age. Have an SSD in my Mini, and that has definitely bought me some time. I have a 2008 cheesegrater Mac Pro which I use for file backup. My number one candidate for a buy will most likely be a latest possible cheesegrater case Mac Pro as my primary work station, at this point runs Sierra (not a bad OS although the convergence with iOS type features is beyond stupid) It will run me about $1500 plus whatever I decide to add for SSD’s. As far as a replacement for the Macbook, will just run it till it dies and then decide. That one is a lot less clear.

If I were starting from scratch and Hype were available on Windows (I know, it seems sacrilegeous to say it!!!) I would look at both operating systems.

Wow, how did we ever get to this point?


When your stockholders~stock price become your customers. Adobe suffers the same affliction. (They are hardly alone in trodding this path.)

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if you are a professional you probably have a Mac and even a PC. In my work I use also win with several apps, in some cases I can share my work through the clipboard between systems.

Hype multiplatform will cost twice for both licenses ( PRO licenses) , this mean about 300/400usd for both.
pay one time for both is not very Likely.

So, if you are a professional you can pay the the license two times. But for the rest of users this is acceptable? The future of hype multiplatformm is windows? it is likely but not now.

Examples like adobe are not the same thing, also another examples like Affinity suite is inappropriate ( see the affinity history)

So, if you want you can use Hype on your mac and work also with WIN in the same machine without costs.



That’s not really what I meant. I meant, I only want to use the windows
version so I would not need to use a Mac at all.

I have both, but clearly prefer my stronger and more stable windows 10

All i am saying is : please make a win version. Many more people will
happily buy Hype.

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are you sure? this is absolutely another question and here I can’t reply.