New feature Adobe Animate cc

I find it interesting that Adobe Animate cc is already designed for designers without knowing codes and made a complete challenge that disappears the flash code to html5 in 2020 … But I hope we will look at the new versions …

Wow, that’s an official video? :man_facepalming:t2:

I posted a template doing basically the same thing with Hype – over three years ago.

I like Adobe Animate’s little snippets of JavaScript, but custom coding was still needed. That video makes me wonder why Hype isn’t crushing it in this space. Oh yeah, now I remember. :crazy_face:

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The moment it became clear that Flash is dying and after the rebranding of Adobe Flash to Adobe Animate the HTML5 exporter was officially introduced. It is based on Grant Skinners work that can also be used independently found here

Grant Skinner was already in the Flash days a very professional and company oriented person. He was employing people early and grew since. Despite working closly with Adobe over the years he still runs his company.

Back to the topic. The idea to migrate users to a new programming environment had worked once under Macromedia (Flash4–>Flash5). This time around performance wasn’t good at the time and not retina. Then the name “Flash” was toxic, and they rebranded to “Animate”. That all took time and left people running in all directions for daily business. They missed an opportunity back then. Maybe they will make a comeback but in general the market in now so diversified, embracing and open. They will have a harder time to be the market leader again … but perseverance is key, and they certainly got the budget for that. The concepts behind MovieClips, Scenes and nested hierarchies is still very appealing and intuitive as seen in Hype.