Windows / PC version of Tumult Hype


Happy to be another voice in support of a Windows version of Hype.
I’ve really enjoyed it on the Mac in my freelance projects on the side where I get to use my own equipment. However, my steady jobs in larger organisations that pay for most of my survival use Windows. These are educational institutions and I’m in a role that might not necessarily be on the radar as an audience that developers think of: educational designers and ed developers. We spend our days dipping into both education as well as creative production… so the environment is a very standardised Windows office environment, but the tools include things like Camtasia and Adobe Creative Suite.
Hype HTML5 files embed really nicely into pages designed on systems such as Moodle, they really lift the quality of the learning resources, and the basics of Hype are easy enough for non-designers to pick up. Also, it’s significantly cheaper than the Articulate products, which never really get purchased as we can’t say “hey this works well, let’s buy licences for 40 academics so they can make their own things instead of relying on us all the time.”
…and almost all those academics are on Windows machines too.
So, if you didn’t already have the educational designer and technologist potential audience on your radar, I hope that helps you see another possible target of Windows users. :slight_smile:

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Nice, thread I missed out on. I shall add another voice. I am seeing it very releaxed at this front. I remember a time in the creative industry where everyone was using Mac. Sure it was superior in the mid/end 90’ties but windows was closing in fast. But that was not the main reason. It was the 3-5% club of cool guys and then there was this ecosystem that locked you in as everybody in the creative industry was sharing Mac files. I was converted by my fellow worker and coherenced with a grey big Apple Powermac G3 with two 21” monitors. That was amazing and hard to say no to (at the time). Suddenly I was part of a “we are productive guys” club and it was all about the results rather then knowing how to install drivers. Also I started to hear the “never touch a running system” statement a lot.

Long story short insight. Maybe just recreate that scenario. Found a “creative department” and get some funding for 2-3 iMacs 21” and maybe some educational discounts from Apple and start the “cool guy club”. Even though content creation is exclusive the exported files are universal.

You can even fiddle with a little code an I integrate the hype exports into environments like moodle to display data dynamically.

Maybe this club gets your Organisation/University to employ a more diverse computing environment and buy more macs (or for starter a Mac pool for students).

In full response to this thread rather then the last post: I can see the work effort that would need to go into recreating a universal code base that would compile against multi Plattform and that would need a whole refactoring effort. This would cost huge amounts of coffee, people, cash and rewriting. I personally would like to see that potential resources spend on other aspects but I am not a windows user anymore and if I would be employed in a windows environment I’d probably be the “rebellious one” (loved the campaign) insisting on my Mac :slight_smile:

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I got my head handed to me on that one, both in the job I did last summer for a friends company, and in the school system I am contracted to for specialized teaching this year. (that’s in a teaching classification totally unrelated to any particular computer platform)

I use my Mac for production of some teaching materials and as a gateway to OneDrive and Sharepoint. In the past, we have been as much as 33% Mac, but that’s been gone for 3 years and I don’t see it ever changing.

It’s a situation where it’s me against an installed base of 9000 Chromebooks and Dell laptops. Have never felt so isolated since the 90’s and early 2000’s.


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