When will Hype 4.0 be released?

(wingsmooth) #1

When will hype 4.0 come?

After copying scenes, scene thumbnails not regenerated
(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

We’re shooting for the first quarter of this year!

(It will be a free upgrade for anyone who purchased Hype v3 after Oct 17, 2017)

There’s a beta application here:

(Carol) #3

Any update on the expected release date for v4? Really looking forward to the new features - image sequence import, in particular :grinning:

(Hans-Gerd Claßen) #4

though … you can wait :wink:

(Carol) #5

Ah, that’s brilliant!! Thank you! :clap:

(Jonathan Deutsch) #6

Sorry no specific release date, we’re working hard to get everything ship-shape and bristol fashion!

(Carol) #7

Oh well! Just thought I’d ask :slight_smile:

Is this ^^ still the case? I’m not yet a Hype owner and have been holding out for v4.


(╯° °)╯︵ ┻━┻

(Ken Heins) #9

The key to becoming proficient in any software is training by experience…why not get started with V3?

It will pay off!

(Jonathan Deutsch) #10

Yes; no need to wait.

(Marcus) #11

Still nada?


(Carol) #12

To confirm, does the free upgrade only apply to those purchasing through Tumult store, or does it also apply to those purchasing through Mac App Store?

(Jonathan Deutsch) #13

I don’t think it will be possible to give these upgrades through the app store itself, but we will have a method that you can get a Tumult Store copy.


So no release date for 4.0 yet? :frowning:

(Jonathan Deutsch) #15

We don’t have a specific date, but are wrapping up. You are still welcome to use the beta by signing up.




hence the reason that no specific time is given. :slight_smile:

I feel we’re close. :nail_biting:


i applied for beta on last sunday. no reply yet.

(Pete) #18

Funny, RIP Philip Seymor Hoffman

(Jonathan Deutsch) #19

I just sent out a new batch; please check your email!

(Loves Hype) #20

Sorry for pushing this thread but I had hoped sooo much that Tumult would have set a hard goal to force release 4.0 in 2018. seams like that is just passing bye. I really hope release cycles will be more frequent and (the pro version) will include more pro stuff (datasets, markers, attachSymbol, dublicateSymbol, more API like properties for code animation etc.)… in 2019! Happy new year to all of you!