(Hans-Gerd ClaรŸen) #1

Attached an imagesequenceplayer.
Below how to call it and the options:

  • play from any minframe to any maxframe (e.g. 33 to 60)
  • frames per second (1 to 60)
  • playdirection
  • digits for the sequencename
  • imagesuffix

rest should be obvious :slight_smile:

could be extended with play, pause, stop, continue but โ€ฆ hype4 is rising :wink:

	345 /*max*/, 
	digits:5, //00000, 00001, 00002 ...
	suffix:'png', //png, jpg
	fps:60, //1 to 60
	direction: hypeDocument.kDirectionForward //hypeDocument.kDirectionReverse

hope itโ€™ll work :slight_smile: best day!

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@h_classen - Beautiful - Look forward to experimenting with your demo!