Welcome on board! Please introduce yourself 🖐

(Casey) #46

Who are you?
Hi there! I’m Casey and I’ve studied Film Animation at School of Visual Arts in NYC.

I jump between video, web, and interactive design at my job and help my job’s designers learn new technologies such as Hype. I’ve also released a couple games under my indie company ProRattaFactor.

So far I’ve worked on the following within Hype: interactive magazine, animated infographic, vertical and horizontal 65" kiosk touch screens for trade show events, and small interactive experiences that have been included within articles.

Would you call yourself a beginner, novice, or advanced?
I’d say that I’m knowledgable about how to think through design interaction within Hype. I’ve also been programming websites since Adobe PageMill 2 was released, so I have decent html/css chops.

What’s your favorite design/animation tool (Other than Hype)?
Most days I’m using Apple Motion and After Effects. Also, Spriter is a super cool character animation tool that I enjoy.

What’s the first interaction or animation tool you ever used? (Analog OR digital!)
Macromedia Director 5

What is your favorite animated film?
Hunchback of Notre Dame

(Greg) #47

I’m Greg, a web developer from Massachusetts. Primarily, I build and maintain WordPress sites for design agencies. I bought Hype to simplify the creation of a simple animated element in a new project. Sadly, it may not end up filling the bill, requiring me to redo it by hand.


I am Emanáku, I manage a couple of websites made with WordPress and currently I live in Peru with a rather slow internet connection.
I speak German, English and (un poco) Spanish.
A decade or more ago I made eLearning software, e.g. with Flash, PHP, MySQL.
Now I want to do some games with Hype.
I do computer science and programming stuff since 1980 :wink:
And my favorite animated film is Bolt - the dog with super powers :wink:

Thank you!

(Rick) #49

I’m Rick (4)F. van Koert. I like cats, shiny wrappings, Science Fiction (movies), working with 3D, my aging mid 2010 MacPro’s and playing games like EVE, Dying light, the Forest, Deus Ex, Fallout etc…

I have been ‘playing’ with Hype since version 1 but never serious. Since I changed some things on my website, gobbled everything up and moved it into a forum, the things I made with Flash before became a too big security risk, so I recently “picked up” Hype 3.5 and am now seriously working on moving my old Flash stuff over to HTML5.

- What is your industry/profession?
Retired Illustrator who can’t stop so I’m semi-retired I guess :).

- Where do you call home?
Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

- What is your native language?
Dutch with fluent English writing (speaking that’s an whole other thing) and I can understand German quite good.

- What have you made with Hype – or what are you planning on using Hype for? (Feel free to post screenshots or links!)
That’s a secret. :wink: But it’s quite a lot of work converting my old flash movies to HTML5.

- Would you call yourself a beginner, novice, or advanced?
Absolute beginner, so I probably need a lot of help.

- What’s your favorite design/animation tool (Other than Hype)?
2D? Photoshop I guess… Stuck with CS5.1 The company behind it sadly went evil. Have been using it since version 1.5 ( floppy disks!! :smile: ). But I’m not going to support a tool that gets taken away the moment you stop paying for it. :unamused:

3D: Cinema 4D. :blush:

- What’s the first interaction or animation tool you ever used? (Analog OR digital!)
Can’t remember the name, it still lives on the PC side but it was an QuickTime VR program that let you create hotspots with links and ambient directional sound in QT movies. It’s sadly dead on the Mac side as Apple completely dropped the ball on QT, thank heavens I still have QuickTime Player 7…

- What is your favorite animated film?
To tell you a secret, I’m not that much into animated film but there where a few Blur studio shorts years ago I liked very much like “In the rough” and “Rockfish”.


(Nader Ashway) #50

Hey all-
Brand new to Hype and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! So smooth, easy to use, elegant and thorough. I feel like I know a cool secret now. Super impressed.

My name is Nader Ashway. I’m a creative director and an owner of a small agency in New York City. I also teach on the graduate level at New York University.

Born and raised and lived my whole life in and around New York City.

Native English speaker and also speak conversational Arabic.

Currently using Hype for digital advertising banners - and will likely continue to use it!

While I’m a beginner with Hype, I have had years of experience with Flash. Since its untimely death, I have been searching for the best interface to create H5. I have only limited coding knowledge, so Greensock wasn’t really an option. Animate is just like Flash in terms of interface, but the files it output didn’t work across all browsers. Google Web Designer seemed like a promising option, especially in the way it output the files, but MAN, is it buggy or what? Plus, there’s NO flexibility for typography (a big deal for me.) So here comes Hype - the perfect blend of easy and smart interface, robust control for typography, images and animation, and snappy output. (Well, except for the file size issues, but I’m sure they’re working on it.)

I think Wall-E might be my favorite animated movie. That, or Yellow Submarine!

(Kelvin) #51

Hello Everone,
My name is Kelvin. I purchased Hype a while ago because I thought it was awesome (welll I still think it’s awesome).

I haven’t had much use for it until now so I’m glad I got it when I did.

I’ll be using Hype for an animated webcomicproject that I’m working on so I’m looking to leverage the knowledge of all the great folks here.

Looking forward.


Hi. I’m Mike. I’m a designer and educator from Toronto. I have worked as a teacher/trainer but more recently my energy has been focused on graphics, websites and video. I recently started exploring e-learning as a potential career move - and I’m really excited about creating media for education and training materials. So I found Hype after doing some research. So far so good. I used Edge Animate previously which was very similar.

My most recent project is called “Scots to Canada” and it’s part of my e-learning portfolio. Essentially, I’m building an online course using WordPress and creating all the content. It’s partly research into my family history as well. Check it out if yu have a moment.

There’s an animation of a ship crossing the Atlantic which I built in Hype. It’s not finished but it’s close. Hope you like it!


Looking forward to collaborations and offering help or advice when I can.


(Timo Hinkelmann) #53

Hey guys,

my name is Timo and I am totally new to Hype. I work in the PC and network sector, so no experience in programming and stuff. But I tried Hype and I was flashed of the things you can do with it.

Regards, Timo

(René) #54

Finally took some time to introduce myself…:

  • I’m René Overhorst. Born 1975, year of the rabbit!
  • Part-time Sound-Designer, part-time composer and fulltime father of three children.
  • My home resides in downtown Utrecht. That’s a small city in the center of the Netherlands. It’s far more beautiful than Amsterdam, with great medieval canals and buildings.
  • I speak Dutch, English, midi, java and html.
  • I make mobile apps with Hype. You can find them in Apple’s AppStore.

I build these apps together with my girlfriend Hanneke. She draws, I animate. We do these in our spare-time for fun.

(Dennis van Leeuwen) #55

Mooi a gamer! High five!

(Dennis van Leeuwen) #56

Love the apps. mooie dinge. :slight_smile:

(René) #57

Thanks! De credits voor het tekenwerk en de vormgeving gaan wel naar @Talise :slight_smile:

(François Vandecasteele) #58

Hi everybody, it’s my turn to introduce myself.
My name’s François, french guy developing for years and quite new to Hype (2015).
I’ve been doing websites mostly for artists that needs a little window on the web.
One of my activities is to help people with computers in general, help them build a website, use/repair their computers.
Quite recently, i bought hype pro and discovered a whole new world of possibilities.

So i still have a lot to learn, about CSS, javascript with which i’m not very familiar.
And that’s the point, it’s easy creating a website with Hype, it’s rewarding, but you always have a new idea in mind that pushes you further and further.

Thank you for helping, i hope i’ll be able to help soon too.


(richard foster) #59

Hello to all HYPErs out there
I am Richard Foster, Graphic Designer, Brand Designer and all round funny guy living in Melbourne Australia.
I work in a small agency in town as a Designer Studio Manager. I speak English, French, Greek and Italian.
Being a graphic designer, I have always wanted to design websites and learn coding but found it daunting. Since buying HYPE PRO for our studio we now use it a lot. Being a VERY user friendly app esp for MAC based people it has encouraged me to delve deeper into learning code and how it works.

So to the makers of HYPE I cant thank you enough. Tho more tutorials are needed to help novices like me do more amazing stuff. I find some things a bit frustrating and that relates to SEO and search engine optimization. Email forms and silly things like buttons that scroll to a particular point on a page (I cant find out how to do it arrrgghhh)

I haven’t used any other animation tool other than the old “Flash”. I have found HYPE to be the best and I am plowing through as many lessons and tutorials I can find.

There are so many great animated movies out there its hard to choose Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Up, Inside out Frozen,
Hotel Transylvania 1 and 2 just to name a few.

Cheers from Downunder.


Who are you?

I’m Daniel Morgan, the support lead / director of support / chief troubleshooter here at Tumult, so if you email us, find a typo in the documentation, or cause a ruckus on the forums I’ll know. Oh, I’ll know.

What is your industry/profession?

My industry is usually defined as ‘Internet’. I’ve been working on the web since the 90s. My first gig was as a photography department intern at the New Yorker Magazine, and then I became the project manager for Gelo Factory, worked on an app recommendation app called ‘Explor / Appsaursus’ in San Francisco, then found the awesome guys at Tumult more than 5 years ago now!

Where do you call home?

Brooklyn, NY, specifically Bed Stuy.

What is your native language?

English, but I also speak Spanish.

What have you made with Hype – or what are you planning on using Hype for?

By last count, I have over 2,000 Hype documents on my computer. I’ve created some quick little sites for friends ( http://www.cassandrajenkins.com is an example), and little animations for a non-profit I volunteer for: https://globalglimpse.org/holidaygiving is one recent project. I also enjoy helping artists create installations – http://www.constancehockaday.com/tide-clock/ is one such project.

Would you call yourself a beginner, novice, or advanced?

Still learning.

What’s your favorite design/animation tool (Other than Hype)?

I’ve spent the most time in Aperture and Photoshop, and I’m enjoying Sketch the more I use it.

What’s the first interaction or animation tool you ever used? (Analog OR digital!)

My first animations were probably created in After Effects for a high school video.

What is your favorite animated film?

I’m still blown away by Toy Story 1, but I remember really digging Cowboy Bepop in high school.

(Wasura Edirisuriya) #61

Hi there! I’m Wasura Edirisuriya. I am a Sri Lankan but now i am working in Brunei Darussalam. I’ve been using Hype since 2014… It is really awesome software to create interactive things.

i am Wasura Edirisuriya
I work as a Project Manager
I Speak Sinhala/English my native language is SInhala
I use hype to create interactive widgets for Multi touch eBooks
i call my self novice
i love 3Ds max i clone Maya
after effects
Despicable me



I’m Mohammed Iliyas from Chennai. I started using Hype at beginning of this year. I discovered Hype at 2013 but after exploring all other softwares i decided to use this. It does what it says and user friendly also.

Who are you?
I’m Mohammed Iliyas

What is your industry/profession?
Working as motion designer

Where do you call home?
I’m from India, Tamilnadu, Chennai

What is your native language?
My mother tongue is Tamil and I speak English and manage to speak Hindi.

What have you made with Hype – or what are you planning on using Hype for?
I completed interactive homepage for the present company xerago.com. And did small animations and prototypes.

Would you call yourself a beginner, novice, or advanced?
I’m a beginner

What’s your favorite design/animation tool (Other than Hype)?
Flash was my all time favourite tool and I love After Effects also.

What’s the first interaction or animation tool you ever used? (Analog OR digital!)
Flash is the first tool i used for animation and interaction. I use to do ActionScripting.

What is your favorite animated film?
Kungfu Panda

(Thiago Ribeiro Nogueira) #63

Hi, My Name is Thiago Ribeiro Nogueira, I’m from Brazil and work with interactive didactic books in a publishing company. As you can see my english is not good, I speak portuguese.

I’m looking for a alternative for Edge Animate and found Hype that’s very good! I’m using the trial version for testing but I want to purchase the license when expire.

(David Salomon) #65

Hi I’m David Salomon, living in Adelaide Australia. I make video documentaries, websites and training using template driven tools and graphics using very little code. I’m brand new to Hype. I speak a English and a little bit of Pitjantjatjara, an Aboriginal language from Central Australia. Favourite tool other than Hype would be Final Cut ProX, Rapidweaver and currently, Strata Foto. First animation card I used was Hypercard, wasn’t that something. Favourite film is Lawrence of Arabia.

Currently I’m working on a geology project representing changes in landscape over 800 million years ago to about 350 million years ago in the Flinders Ranges of South Australia. In particular an asteroid impact event that proceeded the appearance of the first animals.

I want to make 3d field samples and fossils using Strata Foto than can be displayed on a website similar to the 3D widget in ibooks Author by embedding a ,dae file. Can anyone tell me how I can do that in Hype or direct me to a resource?

This is an ice rafted drop stone, formed when ice with stone embedded floated out over a fairly still lake. On melting the rock was released sinking to the muddy buttom.

The task I want to do is easily done in iBooks Author and I would love to be able to display it on webpage as well.

Rapidweaver Chat
Hype + three.js