Hype + three.js

In a kind of response to the following message.

I’ve put together a document integrating three.js with Hype. Using some of Hype’s elements, it shows how to control some actions of the object being shown. It’s not limited to these actions. These are just to highlight a process of tapping into the THREE API to control some of its actions.


threeJS.hype.zip (216.7 KB)


Wow that’s fantastic! Great integration!

Anyone show me how to replace the cube with an actual 3d model?

Also how to use on mobile device. The spin buttons work & zoom but not the ‘on mouse click’ event

There’s an example here https://threejs.org/examples/webgl_loader_obj.html but no idea where to start.


Steve Warby

Zoom Control is not working but you can see what I’ve done and take it from there. :wink:

threeJS-object.zip (974.7 KB)