Welcome on board! Please introduce yourself 🖐

(Eeva Koutaniemi) #67

Hi! I’m Eeva – I work in the eLearning industry and I’m a total newbie with Tumult! I’m from Finland but work closely with all the Scandinavian countries. My purpose is to create short video animations used mainly for digital learning purposes.

(David Salomon) #68

Thanks Michael, That link is certainly on the right track. For me it looks rather complicated. Perhaps I need to learn some java script.

Thanks for your reply.


(Sara Schmidt Boldon) #69

Who are you?
Hello, everyone! My name is Sara Schmidt Boldon and I have had so much fun working with Hype.

What is your industry/profession?
I am a Digital Production Specialist for a textbook publisher. I generate eBooks and digital learning supplements. I have been at this for about a year and a half. Previously, I was a graphic designer and did print layout for books and marketing materials. Before that, I made puppets and costumes for a living.

Where do you call home?
Saint Paul, Minnesota

What is your native language?

What have you made with Hype?
I have been creating interactive flash cards for our Spanish language program. Here is an example. My current project uses layered illustrations instead of photographs, which makes it easier to create more movement.

Would you call yourself a beginner, novice, or advanced?
I’m catching on, so I would say I am a novice.

What’s your favorite design/animation tool (Other than Hype)?
I am learning Adobe Edge Animate concurrently, and that is going pretty well after a bit of initial frustration, but I love Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign as supporting design tools.

What’s the first interaction or animation tool you ever used?
Aside from making flip books in grade school, I learned Flash just after the migration to Adobe from Macromedia.

What is your favorite animated film?

(Joseph Roberson) #70

Who are you?
-Joseph Roberson

What is your industry/profession?
-Instructional design
-visual art & design
-teacher/trainer (yoga, breath, meditation primarily)
-author (my intention is to publish my first iBook, One Breath at a Time, before the end of 2016)

Where do you call home?
-I grew up in North Carolina (USA), but have lived in and around Baltimore, Maryland most of my adult life.

What is your native language?
What have you made with Hype – or what are you planning on using Hype for? (Feel free to post screenshots or links!)
-Just starting with Hype.
-I plan to create animations for my iBook
-I love creating interactive, dynamic diagrams to illustrate concepts, processes, procedures

Would you call yourself a beginner, novice, or advanced?

What’s your favorite design/animation tool (Other than Hype)?
-iBooks Author
-Adobe Captivate
-Adobe Photoshop

What’s the first interaction or animation tool you ever used? (Analog OR digital!)
-Adobe Edge Animate

What is your favorite animated film?

P.S., I am at the iBooks Author Conference in Nashville and will attend the Hype Conference tomorrow.

(Mark Rushton) #71

Hey folks, Mark here.

I’m an academic in the international development field, but my background includes teaching digital video editing in AVID and FCP, filmmaker mentoring, half-assed web design :wink: , tv & film production, broadcast news reporting and Spanish–> English translation. Yup, a mixed bag.

My current position at a university in Mexico includes some web-work (see my post elsewhere in the forums).

Although I’ve been in Mexico for a decade and counting, my heart & soul are back in the blueberry patch of Nova Scotia, Canada.

I speak English natively, Spanish passably, French horribly and a smattering of other words in various languages that will serve to acquire the essentials (food, beer, place to sleep).

I’ve played with Hype over the past few years, but haven’t had a reason to do much with it. A couple of conference websites (pre- and post) are where my current interest in Hype lie.

My technical level is “Mac Guru” who recognizes his limitations. In Hype terms, I’m a novice.

Other design tool: Pixelmator is amazing. Or would be, if it had CMYK :wink: :smiley:

Animated film: so many to choose from. Let’s say Wall-E, the first 10 minutes of Up!, Rango, The Big Snit (NFB short)…


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(Jeroen Carelse) #73

Hi Eeva, I am located in Finland too. I bought Hype years ago and kept it up-to-date but never have done any larger or commercial projects with it. Maybe we could establish a meetup group? I would benefit from talking to others and see how they solve problems etc.

(berndt) #74

Hi there!
my name is Berndt and I´m from germany.
First – sorry for my bad English, somtetimes I still have to use Google translate :wink:

I´m the owner of a small graphic design office with a small but powerful team. Starting work with Apple Power Mac 6100 … now, some years later here is still „windows-free-zone“.
Most of my work is classic Print design, but in the last 10 years there was a lot of web-work to do, so we got familiar with HTML, Wordpress, Contao and … …
My personal skill is still NOT coding – as a graphic designer I hate code :wink: But I love webdesign – so I have worked myself up with Adobe Muse and a little bit “Hype”.
To Hype I´m an absolutely newbie – so I beg your pardon in case of asking stupid Hype-Questions :wink:

My first little animation using Hype is our own christmas greeting – you´ll find here:

-> I’m Berndt
-> absolute beginner
-> I’m a print and webdesigner
-> German is my native tongue

(Robert) #75

Hello All, my name is Robert a.k.a BroFarOps - I have been in and around the world wide web since 1974… Before this form of Internet ever existed from data cards to data entry.
I use to create mini programs and small games in assembler and various other languages on various systems.
Now I professionally consult with small business to mega corporations around the globe.
Admittedly, I am not as skilled in all areas, and look to those are for further details and or information relating to my queries.
Which has led me to check out tumult and get acquainted… I look forward to learning and hearing from you all in the future.


Hi Guys
My name is Rob - based in New Zealand. I’ve been using Hype for a while and love it!
Thought I’d share this with you (all put together in Hype) :


(Rob Willett) #77


I’m Rob. I live in London, UK.

I run a mobile app business focussing on traffic data and personalised traffic information.

I’m interested in using Hype for onboarding help for our apps.

(Freelancer) #78

My name is Rob - based in New Zealand. I’ve been using Hype for a while and love it!
Thought I’d share this with you (all put together in Hype) :

@Rob1 the video is made with hype?
very nice! funny!

(Luc Prévost) #79

Got the band on Spotify and will ride my bike (inside) listening to this tune tonite.
Great work.


Thanks Luc - glad you like it!


Thanks! Yes - all the animation etc. is done with Hype - exported as movies and the final edit in Final Cut :slight_smile:

(Luc Prévost) #82

Could you share any stats about the project like how many hours for planing, producing, etc. ?
Did you storyboard ?
Who made the decision to go with Hype ?

Just curious.


(Mikko) #83

Who? Hi, I’m Mikko, currently a student developing Hype skills to be able to land some freelance jobs.

Industry? I used to be a researcher (studying relations of art and technology, cultural policy). Once the Finnish state started dismantling universities I switched from a researcher and a teacher to being a student at a local college. While I still research and write I also study web and game development.

Oh and before being a researcher I also did some banner ads (Macromedia Flash) to customers alongside with audio design to multimedia cd-roms (remember those? :smile: ). It seems my life has made a full circle and I’m back where I started - is there no escaping this continuum? :slight_smile:

As you already must have noticed, my first language is not English. I’m from Finland and I speak Finnish. My Swedish is so, so…

Something to show? I’m getting to know Hype so there’s nothing to show yet. I made a parallax scroller today with placeholder graphics. I was thinking of incorporating javascript into Hype productions once I get to know the application better. I’m also interested in what Xcode and Swift3 together with Hype have to offer. Perhaps my main goals is to get things visualised in an inspiring way.

Novice? I would say that while I’m a novice on using Hype I have a background in making ‘multimedia’ productions with computers. That said, it’s been a really long while since I last did any animations.

Tools and technologies? I’ve been doing some programming with canvas so I guess Vim and Google Chrome would be the most important choices while programming. I’m looking for an inexpensive replacement for Adobe’s CS for making vector graphics and editing bitmaps. For designing games I use Spriter combined with Construct 2. Too bad Construct 2 is available only for Windows…

My first animation tool? Deluxepaint on Commodore Amiga 500 was the first tool that I used in making bitmap animations. They were never used though.


Hey gang,

Time to step up to the mic, as DBear put it. I’m a software designer, recently independent after a long stint at a major Cupertino-based hardware/softare/OS/phone manufacturer. My focus has always been VFX and film/video, with a strong interest in photography. I also draw quite a bit (lots of illustration talent, I noticed in the Intros!). My skill set is enough js to make everybody miserable with my questions that, frankly, I would know the answer to if I’d taken a course. Otherwise I’ve been in production and software creation as UX designer for about, oh, 26 years. I can now be found at the hype-created unpressedbutton.com, based in Paris.

I use Shake for creation of my artwork and in the past to create sorta-interactive prototypes. Yes, that’s right, and it still runs great. Like others I’ve used BBEdit, Keynote and Omnigraffle and some other tools. My first animation software was VideoWorks 2 on a Fat Mac, and then I graduated to Thomson Digital Image’s Explore. Old school, baby.

Favorite animated film? Totoro - I don’t know why anybody would answer otherwise :wink:

(Joe Gillespie) #85

Hi, I’m Joe. I ran a multimedia company for many years in London, UK. I started with HyperCard then moved to Macromind/Macromedia/Adobe Director, Flash and various 3D animation packages. I am retired now, living in Dorset and writing books (http://joegillespieauthor.com/). I just bought Hype because my publisher asked me to make some videos about my books to put on YouTube - so here goes…

(Adel Wagih Serag) #86

Hi Daniel,
I am Dr. Adel Wagih Serag, consultant psychiatrist but so fond of educational technology…I used to make packed presentation using Adobe director (was first Macromedia). But this Feb. Adobe decided cessation of Director support and work. It was simply insert the audio, image , text or video tracks and buttons for navigation. Also, frame animation was simple. But there were tons of bugs and frequent crashes. I read and I am so new to Hype 3 , I try to make simple educational slides, and info-graphs as an aid to simplify a tough subject. Of course trying to learn animation. I found Hype is more friendly than Adobe director and can be of better productivity but I am still slow regarding the interface. What is your advice and guidance?