Welcome on board! Please introduce yourself 🖐

(Rick) #87

Wow. :open_mouth: Hypercard, now that’s a while ago since I’ve seen that name fly around. Ha! :grinning: My favorite hyperstack/card was one about Space: 1999. Good times!

(k montgomery) #88

Hi there! My name is Kirk and I am a graphic artist at a newspaper. I want to use Hype to create interactive graphics for our website. I am an absolute beginner, but I really want to find out the best way to get up and running with Hype as quickly as possible. If any of you have tips on how to do that I would love to hear them!

(k montgomery) #89

I tried out Hypercard back in the 80s, but never did anything that came close to being published! It was fun to play around with, though.

(k-ten) #91

Hi! I’m Kristen! A Visual/ Experience Designer/ Brand Strategist/ Front-end Developer in San Francisco.

I completed a HYPE project of an interactive diagram highlighting commercial airliner fluid transfer systems. Next up is an interactive infographic with an overview of programs and financials for a non-profit providing art programs to children in developing countries.

I am new to this Hype world. I am a classic Creative Suite lady — been maybe too reliant on InDesign/Photoshop/Illustrator! I began designing by forcing Microsoft office to bend to my visual and functional will.

Favorite animated movies? Coraline and A Nightmare Before Christmas pop in my head for stop animation. The Little Mermaid, Brave, and Inside Out, I would watch all of those on repeat!

(Jeff) #92

Hello! I’m Jeff, and I’ve been in the design industry since 2005, and I love using Hype whenever I can on my projects. Most of my skills center around graphic design, illustration, animation, with a little bit of front end development thrown in.

I live in the pacific northwest in the United States, and consider myself a competent Hype user. Most of my issues come when I have to dive into Javascript, but can usually find some help.

My animation tools range from pencil and paper, Flash (now Animate), After Effects, iPad app called Animatic, and of course… Hype! There are so many great animated movies, it’s hard to name one favorite! Lots of favorites from Studio Ghibli, Pixar, Laika, Aardman, Dreamworks, and Disney.

(Wayne Dickson) #93

I’m Wayne Dickson from Central Florida. I’m retired now after 40 years of teaching Humanities, English, and Honors courses at Stetson University.

My first computer was an Apple II with 48K of memory, RF converter and TV for monitor, and cassette tape for storage. For a few years I switched to MS-DOS (“appropriated” CP/M?) and Windows when it was still just a front-end for MS-DOS. I returned to Apple with the Quadra.

I apologize in advance if I should ask a stupid question. If I do, it won’t be because I’m too lazy to read the documentation. It’ll be because I myself am too stupid to know that the question is stupid.

I’ve had bits of experience with a number of different interactive and animation programs (for example, HyperCard, SuperCard, Macromedia Director, Flash, Anime Studio, etc.), so I understand the concepts but claim no serious expertise. Think of me as an advanced beginner in general, but a total novice in respect to Hype.

(Trey Yancy) #94

We old coots should stick together against the young galoots. My first machine was an Osbourne running CDOS. We are among the diminishing few who know the reason why PC mice have six foot cables and who know what /p means.

(Isaac Brown) #95

Hey all,

  • I am Isaac Brown
  • I work for one of Australia’s leading architectural Visualisation animation studios in Sydney.
  • I live about 1.5 hours south of Sydney in a town called Wollongong on the East Coast of Australia.
  • I speak english but would love to learn another language.
  • I plan to use Hype to create quick, powerful and awesome interactive presentations.
  • I am new to Hype but have extensive knowledge of HTML, JQuery and CSS and in the past have used these tools to build interactive apps and websites for some large clients.
  • My day to day toolset is Autodesk 3DsMax, Vray rendering engine, Adobe CC (Ps, Ai, Ae generally).
  • I always remember my Atari days in the early 1990’s. Ah the good times.
  • My favourite animated film would have to be Cloudy with a change of meatballs :wink:

I am glad to be here and hope to learn from and contribute to this community.

(Norman L. Britt IV) #96

Hi all!

My name is Norman. Discovered Hype at the beginning of this year, and I’m frothing at the opportunity to cut my teeth on the software. Anywho…my introduction responses are below. Looking forward to the knowledge exchange, seeing as I’m once again a “young Jedi in training.”

• Norman L. Britt IV
• Higher Education/Multimedia Specialist
• Deerfield Beach, FL
• English
• Nothing yet. But I’m very excited and inspired by what Hype can do. Ultimately, I would like to
create interactive animations, and embed them in courses within the D2L LMS.
• Total beginner!
• Apple Motion and Adobe After Effects
• Scitex Stratosphere
• 2D animation: Akira
• 3D animation: Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within


I am Hannes. I live in South Africa, in a small city Potchefstroom. I am a music teacher and I am new to Hype, have always used Captivate. I am older than most of you, about to retire end of this august. So there are many greys, if you look closely…sorry they all are grey.

I would like to do an interactive music theory book.

(Trey Yancy) #99

A number of Hype users have created great interactive book projects. A quick search will get you going.

By the way, I used to live around 1,500 kilometres north of you. I waved but you must have missed me.

(Tom Roche) #100

Hello Everyone,

My name is Tom Roche. I am 68 years old and am a furniture-maker by trade. But for the past 28 years I have run a small Irish Registered Charity - which I am closing down on 25th September 2017.

while I purchased a copy of HYPE Pro some years ago, I am actually new to HYPE Pro and have been reading the ‘documentation’. So now I feel its time to get cracking and produce my first HYPE Project.

The charity I founded in 1989 is called Just Forests (www.justforests.org) and I have been busily developing education resources for Irish primary, post-primary and third level institutions for all that time. Just Forests uses societies dependance on wood/forests as the “hook” of engagement in our workshops/presentations in schools.

Now I want to make all the ed resources INTERACTIVE and available to schools everywhere so I am trying to learn HYPE Pro as I can see enormous possibilities with this great application.

After Just Forests closes on 25th September 2017, I will be starting a new initiative called Just Transitions (www.justtransitions.com). this is where i will upload all HYPE Projects when completed.

I will get back to the Forum as I know I will need lots of help.

Thank You and I look forward to engaging with you over the coming years.

Kind Regards,

(Bob Nugent) #101

Old guy trying to update an older website to responsive and mobile friendly. I enjoy working with hype and hope to get this done. My website is hotrodsonline.com and I have been on the internet since 1994. Retired and still building cars also. I would eventually probably sell the site as I am running out of time.
I live in the Georgia mts. above Atlanta in Gainesville Ga.

The front page of the site I did some stuff in Hype.

Thats about it for now.
Bob Nugent

(Carola Clavo) #102

Hi, I think I never introduced myself in this community.

I’m a graphic designer located in Palma, currently working at the hotel company Barceló Hotels & Resorts.
I speak Spanish but also have a knowledge of English as I’m in touch with people all around the globe frequently. In my free time I’m a Skype enthusiast and I’ve been a moderator in their Community for many years.
At work, we’re beginners starting to make some HTML5 ads and banners. I have been making gif ads for many years actually.
My favorite tool will always be Freehand no matter how long it has been discontinued already :stuck_out_tongue: but I’m a Photoshop daily user.
My first animation tool was a Nintendo game when I was a kid. You could make movies, add music and record them to VHS tapes!
My favorite animated film is Toy Story but I always liked animation films from John Lasseter and Pixar since I was very young.


Hi. I’m Joshua and I’ve very happy to have found Tumult, Hype and this forum. I’m a freelance graphic designer and illustrator living in the Los Angeles area. English is my native language.

I’m beginning to create iBooks for clients and have the need for a program that creates widgets and animations which work with iBooks. I don’t know coding and Hype seemed to be able to allow me to create what I needed without knowing much coding. Although, I do see where that would be a great benefit.

Looking forward to creating more with Hype and learning as much as I can.


Hiya, I’m Jim and I’m using Hype to make interactive widgets for kids stories’ and songs I make in iBooks Author.
I’m finding Hype is a bit like a rabbit hole you tumble down - a bit overwhelming but kinda exciting, with all the different possibilities. So - still a newb at it all, but keen to learn more.


Re-introducing myself (haven’t been here in a while)!
I see I joined this site in February `16 and I got my first job related to web development in March that year. Now I am looking to get a promotion or look into becoming a Ruby on Rails Developer. Hopefully I can find a way to use Hype with Ruby on Rails!

(Eric Zhou) #106

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(Stuart Mealor) #107

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
Stuart Mealor (Stu)
E-learning / education / Moodle (www.hrdnz.com certified Moodle Partner since 2006)
Live in New Zealand (for 15 years) - from north-west UK originally
English (and some rusty French)
Investigating use of Hype for ‘splash screen’ / Front Page designs for Moodle sites
I used Flash and action script years ago, I’m a graphic designer by trade, and use Camtasia etc. - so I guess I’m an advanced user.
Do a lot of work with Camtasia - although trying out lots of apps on my iPad Pro and pencil
Probably Flash was my first animation tools I mastered.
‘Favourite animated film’ = Frozen … because my 2 and 4 year old daughters play it every other day! lol

(Stuart Mealor) #108

Another Kiwi - cool !