Timeline condition if all are played

Hi, I am new here. I am trying to solve a problem that I have to deal with. I want to strarts a timeline only when the other timelines are finished playing. The user would click random buttons which starts a timeline.
Let's say button 1, timeline 1
button 2, timeline 2

if 1 and 2 and all the others are finished playing then start the timeline Final.

I searched the forum for an answer but nothing works on my side.
Please help!

only one answer: HypeConditionLinker: Perform actions based on AND/OR conditions without JavaScript code

in fact @MaxZieb has more recent approaches for bringing in some logic: Hype Power Pack

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Hype Power Pack requires installing an export script. There is also Hype Bundles.. but that is probably overkill.

Hype Action Events (just added data-timeline-complete-action) also allows code execution and can be used for simple conditions, but just using a JavaScript function is the most straightforward solution (and it’s built in).

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Yes, but it is the Java script that I cant figure out

playTimelineOnConditions.hype.zip (25.4 KB)
timeline three plays if one and two have finished. may give you a go ...


one other hint:

you can built a timeline that plays along with other timelines that only holds a progess.
you continue this timeline when another timeline is played. the progresstimeline will have numered stopps and when it's finished you can play the resulting timeline ... no scripting at all :slight_smile: just managing your hypefile :slight_smile:


this is genius

I wonder how, I gave an action on mouse up continue (current) and on mouse down timeline 5 (which is the one that holds the progress) but it seems to restart the timeline 5 at the begining.

ok it works, I was clicking to fast ont the buttons. Thanks a lot! You saved my day!

Easier than that, a simple keyframe at the end of each timeline.

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Here is a version that doesn't use any code whatsoever… just continues timelines as Hans suggested. I love how one can just use timelines for state management. Indeed, great @h_classen (had to give it a try for myself).

continueTimelineThreeOnCompletes.hype.zip (23,6 KB)


and to be honest: it's really less effort than the options mentioned before ... from me :crazy_face: :joy:

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Indeed, simple. I never tought about this, solves may problems for me.