Questionnaire with a result

Hi there
I'd like to create questionnaire with a result that collect the questions answers, every question has 4 options, every selected option collect a number and the at end of the questionnaire I can collect the numbers and show the result

Have you searched the forum.
There are plenty of examples that do this.

Depending on what you want they can be complex when it comes to creating the UI.

But the idea is simple they will use JavaScript to store the values and show them later.

The storage is normally the simple bit.

The UI does not have to be complex
Less complex example using symbols and some code. ( an adaption from one of my other examples)

Using Symbols and data attributes

Radio Buttons (40.6 KB)

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this'll go without custom scripting:

ah, ... and you may be able to fiddle a solution using timelines as kind of statemachine:

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