Text find /replace function for inner html

Referring to the preliminary discussion about this topic started by @Carola_Clavo:

the Feature Request would be
to extend already existing ‘Text Find / Replace’ -function
for quick text search/replace onto elements inner html
across all scenes/layouts of a multi-scene hype document.

It would be a great time-saver in localization projects when you need to replace e.g. the US-Dollar sign with Euro-sign 20+ times in the same document !

For now only source code editing area (Head HTML tab) is equipped with the
fully functioning ‘text find /replace’ option.

Those ‘text find /replace’ functions are all grayed out in scene view,
e.g. in elements inner html.
Here the screenshots:

Fully functioning text find /replace for editing code:

And here - No options for on-scene text search / find /replace (inner html):


I like the request, hope it gets many likes and can be done :smile: