It's time for Hype 4.0 :)

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I’m a let you finish, but Hype 1.6 was one of the best upgrades of all time… OF ALL TIME!

Heh… Hype 4.0… new Physics API in-app purchase… yours for $499. :smile:

Well, Hype has been pretty cheap. It’s certainly less expensive than a typical app in Adobe’s lineup. But if half was given away for free, what would encourage users to part with their money for the other half? :thinking:

We enjoy paying for great software, and Hype is great software!!!



And the Gold Edition for $999.

Bigger features :wink:

Much appreciated!


I would like 4.0 to have rigging capability. Also, an ability to export a hype project as an xcode project. Hype is already a great back-end for app development, but it’s a pain for many developers to wrapper the html in a web view. Maybe I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…thanks for listening.


We’re listening; thanks for the requests!

An intrepid user/developer could probably make xcode project export with Export Scripts.


What is rigging?

It’s a start! :smile:

But if I’m successful in making this export script, I’m likely to charge money for a copy of it. (I’m thinking $10-$20 is fair.) Are you sure that’s the route you want to go with such an important feature? It seems like exporting to Xcode is something that Hype should do by default.

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Hype 4 is coming!!! Woohoo!!!


Hey there! I’ve just started using Hype coming from a web development background and I am loving it!

One feature that I would love to see is being able to add in custom arguments to javascript functions that are used in Hype. I think it would greatly increase the power and flexibilty of combining JS with animations.

Right now I haven’t been able to find a good way to reuse functions across elements, like I would coding in javascript, and instead, I have to create a whole new function with the same code

For example, if I want to create a piano with different notes on each using javascript, I have to create several different functions that are essentially the exact same.

playNoteC(hypeDocument, element, event) { play('c') }
playNoteD(hypeDocument, element, event) { play['d') }
playNoteE(hypeDocument, element, event) {play('e') }

This gets tedious, and now imagine if you wanted to add functionality like logging what key was pressed to each of the keys, I would have to then go in each function and update one at a time with the new logic.

As a programmer, I would expect something like

function playNote(hypeDocument, element, event, customArgument) {

And from there I would be able to copy and paste the same object in hype, and just add/change arguments for the function on an event. Then On click->run Javascript Function->playNote()->withCustomArgument(‘C’)

Maybe there is already a way to achieve this in Hype that I am unaware of, but if not, I think it would be awessomeeee. You could then even pass in callbacks and functions as arguments and boost the flexibility. For example, if I wanted a function that made a server request to save state data, and then to play a melody on the hypothetical piano I could do something like.

On click -> run Javascript function saveSate()
->with argument ( function playSound() )
-> with argument( ‘C’)

The function would then look something like, where the callback can be used when the Ajax call succeeds.

function saveSate(hypeDocument, element, event, customArgument) {
    //Blah blah some ajax call syntax    
       type: "POST",
      success: customArgument(),

Thanks! Obviously this is just a sample implementation, and y’all would know best, but I would die to be able to have this as a more modular programming platform!

you can use additional arguments … normal js-functionality …

just check for arguments within hypefunctions and you’ll see :slight_smile:

Please see my post here:


Did you mean to reply to me? I’d probably just use the ID of the element pressed. That’s easy to get with the existing “event” argument.

I stopped working on the Xcode export project.

@jonathan @h_classen Ooo, nice thanks, nice to know JS has this capability, and that Hype had a workaround. Thanks for the enlightenment! Although I’m still confused, although I can retrieve variables through arguments within a function.

function foo() {

where then do I set the additional argument from Hype? I am currently setting actions to “Run Javascript”, and don’t understand where the argument would be sent from. Thanks in advanced.

Is there an ongoing list of known bugs, or improvements on the immediate horizon available anywhere? I found the “known issues” section of the forums, but nothing else. Would love to check it out and contribute! Hype is my new favorite thing and can’t wait to see it improve. I think it has the potential to really reinvent the web, and how websites of the future will be built! Can’t wait to see what goodies y’all have conjured up in this next version.

This seems to be a bit off-topic, but since Tumult isn’t talking much about Hype 4.0, maybe this information will help you…

There are three flags in that project. By pressing any of them, a custom function is run. Depending on which flag (or HTML element) is pressed, something similar (and yet unique) happens. The trick I use is to grab the ID of the element. Then, I use that ID to pull data from an array. It sounds complicated, but it’s quite simple to do once you understand it.

I noticed people are buzzing about console.log(arguments) tonight, but maybe that free Hype template might help you out.

@Photics Oh cool! So you essentially created a local data store of properties tied to the element id so the function could be reused. Creative workaround! Will be definitely using this as inspiration if there is no direct way to pass an argument.

just when calling a function via script:

hypeDocument.functions().yourfunction(hypeDocument, element, event, 'yourArgument')

so calling a function via behaviour with additional argument is a correct feature request :slight_smile:

HTML elements (forms, lists, containers, lightbox, sliders, etc) And a framework to create sharable elements.

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This please. Form elements especially for my general use would be especially helpful. I have to make accessible content, and thankfully due to the ability to directly edit the source of divs I can just code in buttons or other inputs, but it would be ideal to have actual button elements and not just divs behaving as buttons as proper keyboard input is required.

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I would also like to see perhaps a panel or some other way to show the Inner HTML contents, as if you are loading a lot of content into an element on screen (doing some responsive design without using layouts, or loading tons of text into a div, for example), should that push the bottom of the element off screen, you can no longer easily reach the edit button. If you try to use the menu shortcut to edit the Inner HTML, the editor window is tied to the location of that edit button, so it remains off screen.

For my use case, I’m always editing the contents of elements on screen. Having the option to maybe open a UI panel that has the editor would be a welcome option, just to alway keep that showing the contents of elements selected since I’m usually jumping into the Inner HTML to edit.

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Adding my two cents to editing of the Inner html contents:

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