Working with localizations in creatives

Hi all,

I’m work with ad campaings that run in several languages, usually as many as seven. This time I’m learning Hype so I started a campaign with creatives in Spanish, English and German.

What is the workflow when you work with different localizations of a same creativity? I expected to simply search and replace text so I can change “Up to” for “Bis zu” in all the ocurrences quickly as long as the design is prepared for this changes (it is). But search and replace is not working as I expected. SO we should be manually pointing and clicking over 4 or 5 text fileds in every of the 10 scenes (banner sizes) for each of the 7 languages.

I’d like to ask in the community: Have you find this need? How did you sort it? We would like to produce many campaigns every week so a quick and fast solution to localize our materials is needed. I searched the forums but couldn’t find a topic for me.

You may store Localisated Texts in a jsonfile and set the content via js dependend on Lokalisation Infos

Thank you :slight_smile: That seems interesting although a bit daunting to a graphic designer. Can that affect the exporting? Do we have to store that file in our servers, I guess?

I’m not with my mac this week but if you search for localisation within the Forum you’ll get detailed results on the topic … as far as i remember :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks again. I looked at it but working with advertising banners it’s a bit specific. I found this, but I can’t use a language selector in a banner, each piece will be sent displaying already one language in their own market.

The rest of the discussion is interesting but I really don’t have the time to learn coding javascript at the required level, it all really looks complicated. I wanted to use HTML5 with no conding and so far I had to learn to use actions to make the banner loop 3 times and stop which is pretty standard requirement in ads :smiley: For the time being I just tried going ahead and copy documents per language and translate them secuentially as I do in Photoshop, more or less.

I have to try creating symbols per each element (Claims, prices, discounts, other texts…) so that would allow me to translate quicker those elements across the document, one per language, in all scenes.

Creating one document and all the languages in it, hiding or showing dozens of layers in a same scene could work. But seems a bit complicated to handle.

All in all, I wish there was a simpler solution. It’s hard to believe it’s so hard to manage HTML5 and localizations nowadays. Hundreds of people must be in my very situation creating ad campaigns for many international markets on a daily basis. How do they do it?

Luckily the copy with animations function works fantastically! This helps me save a lot of time to make the different sizes :smiley:

Like anything, practice is everything so eventually I’ll find my way around this and much better than using Google Web Designer, I’m sure.

What about storing the localisation content outside of the document -> json or even easier pure js-objects…

Then set a js-Variable global which will target exactly one language…

One hypefile. And just switch the variable for the right content.

To achieve you could use the classname for each Element within inspector.

This could be realized with a general approach …

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Again, I honestly don’t know what to tell you, we’re merely starting to learn to use Hype and coding is not my skill, I am a graphic designer with a little css and html knowledge.

Although Hype is supposed to work “without code” I expected to have to use a little coding here and there. And yes, already I have borrowed a little javascript code from the forums to make a loop&pause and use custom fonts: That’s all I expected to do related to coding in Hype, so your post sure it’s interesting but I can’t evaluate right now. It is far beyond my skills! Maybe we didn’t choose the right tool to make html5 banners. :neutral_face:

Hi Carola,

I am sure the Hype Team will look at this at some point , you are right many people would benefit from it.

I suspect the simple idea of searching and replacing is not as simple as it sounds. But saying that I have been looking at how the text is stored in the Hype project. And it does seem to me that particular entries for innerHTML for elements probably could be used by Hype. Again although this does sound simple the biggest development constraint would be how to show all of this in Hype. New views/popups would have to be designed as I thing jumping around the scenes and elements will be too confusing and not easy.

I am though playing with a proof of concept where,

You create your base/Master Hype project.

Each element that will contain text, just has the text in the innerHTML as place holders:




You then run an Applescript file ( Actually done in JXA/ObjC )

The script will read a file with the text languages in.

Duplicate the master hype file as many times as there is a language and write the new language text into the place holders in the new files.

I have this all works so far.

I am just working out an easy way for the user to compile the language file.


That sounds promising! I understand that I’m maybe trying to do something “the way I used to do it” but new app, new methods and I’ve just used it for days against all the years using PS. SO discussing in the Community with more experienced users can give me a hint about how to approach this and still survive to learn a bit.

Replacing texts sometimes is the easier way to localize and there should be no danger in replacing text since it’s different from html (common sentences or words).

HEY to all reading this post

Maybe it’s a case for a Feature request to the Hype dev team?

I am seeing myself soon in Carola’s situation
the ability to make text find /replace
in elements inner html
through all scenes would be a great time-saver!

For now only coders are served well with this text find /replace option
in edit js source / head html views,
but for on-the-scene text find /replace in elements inner html
those options are all grayed out. Please, Have a look at my screenshots.

Fully functioning text find /replace for editing coding:

No options for on-scene text (inner html) find /replace:

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Hi! That was exactly what I thought I could use. I’m sure there is a good reason for this options to be disabled. But it would be a life-saver to be able to replace elements in a scene and across all the scenes. Thumbs up!