Should there be an official Tumult Hype Marketplace?

  • Yes – I would like to buy, sell or download free Hype Templates and Tutorials.
  • No – I’m not interested in this. The Tumult Forums and various existing websites are good enough.

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No, id rather see any efforts to make a market place go into making hype a better app. so that users can be more innovative and rely less on forums/existing sites

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I don’t want to influence the poll, but the idea that it’s one feature verses another seems to have derailed the enthusiasm. Sure, Jonathan has multiple roles at Tumult. Any Tumult project theoretically takes away from development time. But, there are only so many developers you can add to a project before diminishing returns quickly takes effect.

A marketplace is more of a marketing endeavor, something that I think Hype seriously needs. It doesn’t interfere with development of Hype. The marketplace is just a nice collection of Hype related files, with the ability to download and sell.

It’s like this thread… Windows / PC version of Tumult Hype …some people felt this would take away from the Mac version. I don’t think it has to be that way. A separate development team could probably port Hype to to Windows, Linux, iOS or online. Game companies have been known to do this, they outsource the porting of the game. Now that approach is hit-or-miss. The port could be lousy if the team is bad and/or if the product is rushed. Yet, that doesn’t take away features from the original. Sure, there is a risk of tarnishing the company name. But if the port is successful, it could be lots of additional revenue.

The simple analogy is… too many cooks. You can only have so many people baking a pizza. But while the pizza guy is working on that, why not put somebody on the register? Anyway, it’s just an idea. I’ve seen marketplaces for other apps not do so well. I’m just saying that it doesn’t have to seriously impact development.

…and what about HyperEdit?! Did you ever think about that? HUH?! Hype is taking away precious development time from that! :laughing:

There’s a marketplace for just about anything these days. Having a hype marketplace is certainly not a bad idea. That said, It wouldn’t hurt to have intermediary video training material on using external third party libraries in conjunction with hype.
video a day on YouTube from tumult could also be beneficial.