Refresh WebKit and IDE Metainformation in WebKit

These two spot would be interesting.
❶ Refresh all scenes and layouts (great to get new thumbnail too)
❷ Refresh current scene only (I updated the screenshot, had it first on the timeline bar, but that was contextually wrong, having it beside the scale is contextually more sound)
⑶ If the first two are no options at least in the dropdown menu would be nice.


  1. What do you want to see in Hype?
  • A refresh WebKit view icon or/and menu item. It refreshed the WebKit like if the scene was loaded in the IDE the first time. Destroy. Rebuild.
  • I'd like some way to receive some meta information about the IDE in WebKit. Specially interested in Timeline offsets of all timelines (play head). Ideal if that event were consistent across IDE and Preview/Exports.
  1. Have you found a workaround for this problem?
  • First problem: Close and open the document. A little annoying as code open in an external editor looses its link etc. hence, not so convenient.
  • Using an item that scales or changes a property based on the timeline and observing that. Downside it limits possibilities but works at least across IDE and published version.
  1. Are there examples of other apps with this feature? Or, have you seen examples of this elsewhere on the web? (Please include a URL)

Several in connection with projects using live previews

  1. How high of a priority is this for you?

[ x ] For me high…
[ x ] For the Hype universe rather low I guess :wink:

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Thanks for the request. Can you give a little more context on why you want it destroyed/rebuilt? I see a lot of really neat new work you've done but I'm not sure which this applies to, and if it is also just more a matter that more APIs (like the timeline ones) should be provided instead.

From a tooling standpoint, we would not want users to have to do this unless there's a very pressing situation (like for iframe external content that may change, we did add Edit > Reload HTML Content).

In any case we are dealing with a browser (even if built into a awesome app like Hype). Having a reload or refresh will be unavoidable if we start having plugins and more stuff happening on stage. There is always interactions or missing garbage collection. So, I think it would still benefit even if its only in the menu section like the iFrames. There is not perfect system and even in the current state without much third party tools, thumbnails could use a refresh from time to time. Like when linking new CSS etc. Hope that makes sense and leads to considering the request.

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