Question for exporting an ad for website (Inlining all JavaScript in one file) - Single HTML page

I am creating an ad that should be placed on an online newspaper. They have specific requirements for the ad. Based on the
INMA HTML5 specifications.

One of the requirements is:
The HTML-file delivered should just be one file with all CSS required for the ad inline
in the HTML.

As far as I can see, this is not possible in Hype, or am I wrong?


Exactly the same Issue I have had today, will be interested to see if there is a solution

You can but you must write a export script todo it… or just do in manually.

Hopefully Tumult will have a export script variable to embed the current runtime as now one needs to update the runtime manually if one writes a export script.

I actually tried embedding the Runtime manually and ran into trouble with the DocumentLoader. There is more to it then I first though… sorry.

Tumult? @Daniel @jonathan

I exported with this option:

Then I copied the contents of HYPE-###.thin.min.js and pasted above the inlined runtime: (these highlighted lines)

If you embed SVGs inside of the inner HTML of your elements and don't have any external resources, it would be possible to use this single HTML file as your only resource (if you don't need IE6-8 support).

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