Publishing with template

Hi. How to publish hype document with template like in Adobe Animate CC?

Link template for Animate[template_oneclick]

Currently not easily possible (only with some hacks):

  • You could duplicate you Hype Application (or at least the following file for restores) and edit package contents. In the Content/Resources is the template used IndexTemplate.html... maybe an approach but a little hacky as it breaks on updates (so keep a copy of your file and the original somewhere outside the package to re-apply either it if needed).
  • You can write an export script and manipulate the exported HTML file in previews and export. Hype Export Playground might help as a starting point or the Tips found in Hype Cookbook and Python hacking. Python required.
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I create an application that should help with this request


Export Scripts are definitely the preferred approach for readying a Hype export to go onto an ad platform.

We may be able to help get one together for adfox, but it looks like the specs are mostly in Russian. If you have a particular format and can provide a translation please feel free to send it and we can see what might be possible.

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