PHP wordpress / Database integration

The one feature I would die for is a possibility to integrate Wordpress PHP / database features. It would be amazing if I could pull Wordpress content and style it all within hype!? This would give me amazing creative freedom in building web experiences as to have basic database content available in a Hype build website.


exporting as a wordpress theme, that would be a dream come true.

I personally can imagine a major benefit in building educational and research tools with the ability to create users and save data in the database.

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Thanks for the feedback; better integration with wordpress themes/plugins has been a pretty popular request.


4 years later I’d say its pretty popular.

I guess Jonathan was referring also to the abandoned WordPress Plugin. In the meantime Tumult (Daniel) picked it up and it works again.

Given using WordPress …it has API endpoints and if you want to go down that route and use WordPress as source for data look at and and I also personally like atomic.js to handle ajax and loading with vanilla JS.

I once thought of making a “HypePress Theme” but then I never really needed it as I mainly use Hype with Wordpress in Widgetizes form in PageBuilders etc.

An GutenbergBlock would be nice though with the upcoming WordPress 5.0

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Your referring to the plug in oam export upload to Wordpress sites? If so, yes indeed It’s a nice one.

Would be great if you got back to “HypePress theme” mindset. :slightly_smiling_face: You also mentioned in a different post about a possible export script which can be a nice add on to hype.

Regarding the Gutenberg bloc in WP don’t know why but I can’t get use to it which is why I reverted back to classic mode.

The OAM file is basically only a ZIP-file. Try it out yourself. Rename an export .oam to .zip and you will see you can unpack it. The WordPress-Plugin and Hype just use this Adobe-Format to bundle the resources to make them easier to handle. The plugin unpacks the .oam on upload.

I thought I had sufficiently outlined why I abandoned either idea or don’t think the resulting workflow is any feasible. If you can present a good idea/workflow I might reconsider but until then I stand and repeat the hint to use the WordPress Rest API. Just doing it because it can be done is no good base for development.

Yes Indeed, I was well aware .oam compressed file package uses/propeperites since I use the Hypes Wordpress plug-in on my test blog. I noticed extracting and re-packing it up maybe a bit of an issue If say I want to remove unwanted files from .oam to cut down file size zip it and rename back to .oam not sure why but its not uploading. All I’m doing is compress images, removing the blank.gif the images probably a question for @Daniel maybe he can weigh in on the Wordpress integration while he’s at that.

Hmm, would need to look further into wordpress rest api, Thanks.

You could modify this bash script to do the same for the OAM filetype.

Looks like you bumped this thread as well, which seems like a better place to discuss Wordpress integration ideas (which I am all for! I’m a huge fan of Wordpress):

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