iBooks widgets - reducing size of Default.png files in package


I’m wondering if there’s any way to reduce the size of the 2 ‘Default.png’ and ‘Default@2x.png’ files in the top level of the package contents for iBooks widgets? At 1.9 and 6.6Mb respectively (I’m making full screen widgets at 1024 x 768 with 2x sized assets) it makes for a large file even with minimal content.
I can use ImageOptim or ImageAlpha or even Photoshop to manually reduce the size of the PNGs but since I"ll be making hundreds of widgets I’d rather automate this if possible.


you could manually open the package and simply delete the @2x image. iBooks author doesn’t use it anyway (currently). This would be less work than replacing them, although not ideal.

@Daniel: take this as two recommendations for a way to give Hype users who export to iBooks control over

  1. setting our own Default.png
  2. opting out of having a @2x Default.png generated automatically


(Jonathan Deutsch) #3

Here’s an automator workflow you can use:

RemoveAndOptimizeWdgtDefaultImages.workflow.zip (104.9 KB)

It prompts for files; you can select multiple .wdgt documents. It then deletes the Default@2x.png and runs the Default.png in ImageOptim (it must be installed to work).

This is correct to my most recent knowledge; we saw it documented and added support. I went to test and was thrown for a loop when it wasn’t used! I kept it in thinking at some point they’d use it, but I suppose they may never do so now.

Definitely something we’d like to do!

Intro to Exporting iBooks Widgets

thanks for the workflow… that’s fantastic. Very helpful indeed and worked perfectly.