Multi-screen layout

I know that this has been discussed at least since 2015 (!) including here:

And here:

But is there any progress on this at all? This is at the moment by far my biggest gripe with Hype in that it really slows down my development working on a single 1920x1080 screen. I can see that at the moment you can dock the timeline anywhere within the single-screen UI but having a separate window for timeline (and Properties keyframes) would make a huge difference.

Please consider prioritising this, if at all possible!




You got my vote on that request… additionally it would be great if the “Resources” panel could expand in width. Right now You can not - at a glance - read long file names.

Side note: When I hover my mouse over the file name it expands with a white background making the text impossible to read. Is there a way around this issue?

Tanks for your request. There actually has been a little bit of work on this in the upcoming version of HyperEdit (aka Whisk) that should be able to go back into Hype in a future version.

I assume you are using dark theme; what version of macOS are you on?

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Yes I am using the Dark theme - OS 10.13.4


That’s what I was guessing; the tooltip issue is fixed on 10.14+ (when Apple added a true dark theme).

Thanks for the info - but unfortunately 10.14 is an “OS too far” for my current iMac.

However - clunky though it maybe - switching to the light theme now and then is better than not seeing anything at all.

Thanks for the info, really look forward to seeing this being implemented into Hype.

@jonathan Just a quick side-question; is there any special integration with Hype & Whisk currently or in the plans, apart from Hype’s generic ‘Edit In:’ ?

Yes, I worked on a project using Hype Edit in with sublime. A “compile Hype document” on save (updating from external file) would be great!

There’s nothing beyond this ability currently… I’m open to ideas though!

I’m not sure I fully grok what you mean; can you elaborate on this flow?

Sure can! I open Head HTML or a linked JS file (meaning I am working outside of Hype on code). I’d wish Hype would recompile the project the moment I save the snippet/code. Currently, I need to save… wait until Hype recognizes the update (short flash on the stage) and then change the application and hit compile in Hype to see my changes in action. Could be an option one enables in the preview dropdown.


Gotchya, like “on resource changes, reload in browser”

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I love this about Hype, that it is constantly reading all the files in its contents. I have used that to do sneaky mass changes in the plist…


Yes, agreed, doing a lot of asset changes (thanks clients!) makes it a breeze!

Could You give an example of the process and the “typical” mass change made?

Multiple scenes with text elements. All elements contain a word that needs changing.
A lot of Javascript functions all with a snippet /value/name /path what ever , the same needs to be changed.

But for the life of me I cannot find it or cannot be arsed to dig through them all.

I used to use what ever was to hand, TextWrangler,Visual Studio, Xcode even TextEdit to do a find and replace in the data.plist (including when open in Hype - Live updates )

The New Hype Edit replacement is like going to be the go to tool though. I like its find/replace they are pretty sweat. Can’t say too much here…

A couple of cool features in any of them if they have it is regex searches and also listed results.

you can then use regex \bWORD\b which finds whole word not part of a word and list all results.

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Thank You!