Searching looking good but

A couple of things;

The search in whisk is looking excellent in that it is not limited to simple search. It has two of my favourite things as mentioned above. Not checked it all out as I am not 100% up on what they all will do or full potential when grouped or used? but love how it feels so far.

TW has similar searching but TW is clunky by comparison imho.

I think of the bat for me is what is missing is a dedicated match whole words only check box.
Not everyone will know the regex for this.

Also I think @MaxZieb mentioned this already but if you have a file open from disk in Whisk and another app. You do not get live update if that file is edited in the other app. An option for this would be great. Even if it is a just a menu item to reload from disk.

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Thanks - that makes sense given we do watch for files, but not for our own! We currently rely on the underlying mac document architecture to decide when to do the reload from disk. But this can be bypassed.

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