Working on Hype with dual Screen


As suggestion, being abble to use dual screen would be great.
Especially for big project with huge number of symboles in (v-long) timelines, bigger than 1600/1200px.

I’m on 27’  display, and spend lot of time to zoom/unzoom scene, same with timelines… and moreover moving de timeline pannel level up/dwn…
With a 17’ beside, I regret not being abble to exploit it.
Would be great :smile:



Thanks for your request, Eric!

This is also discussed here.

I 2nd, third and forth this one.
HYPE is such an awesome little do-hickey… but this single screen nonsense is crippling. In fact outright frustrating and maddening. Now, under Yosemite 10.10.4 I can’t even expand my Hype window to full 1920 by 1080 (stage) any more… it is a royal pain in the what you know. Sorry guys, had I known, I would not have upgraded to 3.0 nor purchased PRO.

The Timeline actions can not be edited in dual screens, the color picker won’t work… and the above mentioned stage issue. So it’s expand / condense, all the day long. I would assume, most of us are with at least two monitors by now, please let us use them.
Muchas Gracias!

I’m just starting with Hype, and I like to have my main screen as just the artboard, and my secondary monitor as a palette window. I am just trying things out, but a big part of the appeal of pro would be to be able to drag inspectors and things onto the secondary monitor.

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