Make my Hype project SCORM 1.2 Compliant

Hey guys,

Has there been any further (more recent) developments in this area? I am designing learning content in Hype and think it’s really flexible and gives you ways to create a very unique learning experience compared to the standard authoring tools (Captivate, Articulate etc).

My problem is I am a designer, not a coder. Would anyone have any suggestions on how to have my content speak to an LMS if I have literally NO coding knowledge?

I would like to track completion data ie; Did the user view and complete all interactions on each slide?

One workaround I’m toying with is to export each slide from Hype as an OAM widget and then rebuild it in Captivate 9. The two downsides to this is obviously double handling the work load and losing some of the look and feel from a user experience perspective.

I have a feeling I may be out of my depth on this one but I thought it may be worth a shot. Thank-you in advance to anyone who has any tips and thanks to Tumult for creating such an awesome software package!

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Take a look here…

Try the forum’s search too