Limit maximum zoom (scale) on a element using "flexible layout" and "Zoom contents"

(Jacques-Yves Bleau) #1

Hello, is there a way I can set hype to limit the zooming ratio when using “Zoom contents” option on an element?

(Proportionally scaling a Tumult Hype document based on the browser width)
I have an ipad size layout using flexible layout and zoom on contents, but it gets too big on 24"+ screens.

Using max-width like in this example does not work because when zooming, the CSS transform scale(x) is applied and it does not change the height and width value.
(Is there a way to limit scaling of width/ht of elements?)
Or am i missing something?

I know I could create more layouts but it can add a lot of work on our project. Limiting the zoom to a scale of 1.5 could be a good workaround.


(Hans-Gerd Claßen) #2

you may post an example … it’s quite unclear

(Jacques-Yves Bleau) #3

Here it is. (23.2 KB)

The parent container is set with Zoom Contents:

The original layout (1024x768) looks like this:

And when looking the page in fullscreen mode on a 1920x1200 display, the container is automatically scaled by a factor of about 2.2 using CSS: transform: ... scaleX(2.19) scaleY(2.19);...

I’m wondering if you would know a “simple” way to tell Hype not to scale that container to more than 1.75 for instance ?

Otherwise, the only way that I see is to create and maintain another layout for bigger displays.

…the more i look into it the more it seems that it would require another parameter in Hype “Flexible layout” section. Since, CSS does not seem to have a max X and Y scale properties.