Hype Wordpress PlugIn

I would like to import my Hype animation into my WordPress site. That's how I found out about this wonderful plugin.
Unfortunately, there are some problems:
First it ran fantastic, then I saw some things: The animation was too big for my site and some interactions didn't run perfectly. So I re-imported the oam file. Sometimes as a new animation, sometimes I just merged the new file with the actual hyperanimations_anim.
In the meantime the PlugIn does not run properly. Either the animation image is cut off or nothing appears.
The second problem is the responsivity. Which entry should be 100% (width or hight) for correct responsivity? I have entered "minheight400" in the css class.


Getting a Hype document fit into your Wordpress site is more of an art than a science. I have a few recommendations under ‘responsive document tips’ on this page that you likely saw: Tumult Hype Animations Wordpress Plugin — but the questions to ask yourself before building your document’s responsive features:

  1. How much available width do I have for a content in my Wordpress theme? This video shows how to measure your available space: https://youtu.be/CuwkJTtuGLc
  2. How do I want the height of my document to be handled? I recommend that people set their Hype document to be a fixed height to make this easy. If you need to have a scalable document (w + h) within a container that has no height, you’re going to need to examine some of the alternative techniques in the responsive document tips I linked to.

If you add the css class minheight400 you need a corresponding CSS definition in your theme’s CSS that enforces this.

This post might be helpful too...

I was having trouble with getting my Hype games to scale like they were Flash games. So, I basically put the box within a box.

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