Hype Universe #9: New Year, New Inspirations

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Projects We Love

An impressive scientific visualization demonstrating the way our brains process sounds from different directions, animated by [Dr Bill Heitler] (Problem with controlling looping symbol timelines) / @BillH at the University of St Andrews:

A fun pure-physics engine demo of the domino effect by @MarkHunte .

Tutorials & Examples


Jonathan Deutsch (@jonathan), CEO of Tumult Inc. in a recent interview at HostingAdvice.com:

‘The main thread that runs through Tumult’s product line is the ability to understand the visual effects of every change that the designer makes. If you’re editing code, the best way to see what’s happening is a live preview. If you’re doing animation, the best way to work is with a visual editor and a visual tool. If you care about the results while using web technologies, Tumult is always keeping both these interests in mind.’

Read more here.

@Photics recently wrote a piece about the end of Flash, a new open source viewer called 'Ruffle' and some thoughts on Hype in " Flash Is Dead, Long Live Hype (Ruffle Too!) "

‘It’s a powerful feeling. It’s something that many people felt when Flash was new. There was a sense of exploration and optimism with the Internet. Today, the day is a bit somber. Yet, the fight is still going on. Hopefully, as Ruffle matures and Hype adds even more features, the web will return to those exciting and fun days of Flash.’

Read more here.

Updates to Hype, Whisk, and Hype Reflect

  • Hype 4.1.5 includes improvements to video exports, Big Sur and Apple Silicon compatibility, ⌘ + / code line commenting, and a number of bug fixes & localization improvements.
  • Whisk 2.5 features support for Apple Silicon Macs, source editor refinements, and translation into six new languages. Learn more here.
  • Hype Reflect 2.3, the free preview app companion for Tumult Hype, has been completely refreshed with an array of updates and bug fixes.

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