Import svg file that is editable

Where “are we” with the implementation of SVG and/or boolean? @hype. Boolean is so much neede…

Sorry, we don’t generally comment on upcoming features or make promises about their release/schedule!

Goodness, what time is it? It’s 2020 and there’s still no vector import.

Wha, NO VECTOR IMPORT, - that stuff should have been number 0 on the list of crap that should have shipped before last year?

Sorry Hype People, love your product… but no vector import is a massive, humungous even disastrous misstep for Hype as a brand. Please don’t go the way of Adobe and ignore your customers, that’s a bad place to be.

If it’s top of the most requested list where is it, it’s been decades in the software development universe timeframe. It’s been long enough that an armada of new apps have launched with this vector import capability ootb.

Meanwhile during the procrastination, every ‘wannabe’ HTML animation app is delivering this capability and eating your lunch for you… and the ice cream, hot fudge, and sprinkles!

Hype sadly is going to be shelved for me at least without this fundamental feature.

Please… get on it today, for delivery yesterday. I like Hype, but you guys have gotta move way, way faster!

@MrToby please, we are in the Easter, try to be more polite if you can, thanks!
you are not the first with this question and you can also find other similar threads.


Totally with You! I am mad as hell also!

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Hey there, apologies, it’s not meant to be rude or insulting in any way - totally understand it’s Easter.

Just hoping this finds the right ears, and generates some serious traction and a sense of urgency on this long overdue issue.

Even a temporary stop gap solution would be useful.

I know how frustrated you are now, while it seems like it’s a no brainer feature to have in hype, it’s another when you’re a developer dealing with a bunch of limitations when it comes to the limits of what the web has to offer. I mean do you really think the developer didn’t have this rudimentary feature/option in mind when developing the vector drawing feature? Whatever it maybe, it doesn’t really have that big of an impact on what you can do now with the app.

What I’d recommend you do is familiarize yourself with all of the new features that make up hype 4 pro and see beyond (editing of pasted vectors) of whats possible. Trust me, theres so much you can do despite not having that feature in hype 4. Surely not everything is perfect as you would imagine but Hype 4 Pro is a good release.

Give it a try, create something, if you need inspiration heres my recent work Also, see the gallery, hypedocks. I should also mention, I try not to use the forum as a platform to promote my work but to inspire others to create something within limits of the application and work around the known limitation(s) to the best of my abilities.


Happy Easter! :slightly_smiling_face:


interjecting for a moment here…

among many of the biggest selling points for me, is that Hype has a dedicated forum with a plethora of longtime users.

someone mentioned keyshape… which does not appear to have one.


Here’s to hoping editable Vector imports are coming in V5.0 :wink:


+1000 for this feature!!! I'm exploring ways to do a simple line drawing reveal animation, like animating a written signature, using vector paths. In AfterEffects this process is ridiculously complicated, and I was hoping that Hype would simplify it with the Line Draw feature on an imported vector path. Even importing SVG or copy/pasting a path from Illustrator works, but Hype still can't make it draw-able.
This would be a huge step forward in one of my favorite tools -- please consider adding it!


+1000 has been added to the tracker! :smiley: (But really, thanks for the feedback!)


The steps to embed and animate external SVG files in Hype are relatively straightforward.

I made a short how-to video to demonstrate one way of doing this. Check it out here.


Thanks for putting this together! Do you have a sample document you can share also?

Very interesting. Thank you for making it so clear. :ok_hand:

The question I sometimes have is the following: if you use this person/tool a lot more than planned, why not persuade this person to join the team/buy the tool?

As I stated before there are little program out there made for Mac that could be easy to buy for Tumult. You guys need an investor day. :smiley:

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Can you clarify what you mean by "this?" I feel I'm missing context.

There are definitely some off-the-shelf projects that can help manipulate SVGs (shoutout to Paper.js which we current use pieces of), but the tricky part is proper integration given SVGs feature set is vast and has some different principles than how Hype thinks of a document.

This project is very interesting. :exploding_head: My head just exploded.
Thank you! @jonathan

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They are definitely not Tadpoles!! :rofl:



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