Education & Tumult Hype

Teachers, students and educators have leveraged Tumult Hype for years. It's become an essential tool for creating course content, conveying visual information, and even testing that knowledge.

Below are some featured documents built with Hype, links to resources from educators sharing their in-class Hype work, and blog posts from us featuring related work we want to share.

Are you an Educator working in Hype?

We'd love to see your projects, quizzes, and animations :slight_smile: Please share a little bit about yourself and what you've been working on in the #education category. If you'd like to move posts into this category that will help others, please go for it or message me and I'll move it in.

Example Projects

Early in Hype's life, we heard from designers at NASA about how they used Hype to build out massive infographics to create future roadmaps of missions.

We've also heard of Hype used for museums kiosk displays, like at the Museum of Making Music's 'Sound of Sax' exhibit.

For creating quizzes, interactive content & individual modules for e-learning, Hype is a perfect companion. This post explores a few of these workflows:

In the newsroom, Hype has always been an essential tool. From the Los Angeles Times to Reuters, we've seen Hype leveraged to share complex information in visually-interesting ways.

Resources & Examples

Below are a few in depth talks, syllabi, and resources for bringing Hype into your classroom also linked from this page on "Hype in Education."

Also please see the 'education' tag on the forums for more resources.

Constructing DNA with Drag & Drop
This drag+drop lesson teaches DNA structures for the School of Science & Technology at the University of New England, Australia.

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Web Animation Syllabus by Darren Pearson: 2D Web Animation Course
Download an example syllabus and course outline created by Darren Pearson for teaching web animation with Tumult Hype.

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Watch Hype Conference Talk by Darren

TimeMaps History Atlas
The TimeMaps team built many detailed maps covering vast historical periods and published them on the web and as an iPad app.

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Hype in Education, a Talk about Leveraging Hype in the Classroom
Anthony DiLaura speaks about building quick quizzes and demos a balletic interface for teaching geometry.

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Retro Game Development
Darren Pearson speaks about his experience teaching retro game development at Saint Paul College.

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Mobile Prototyping: Teaching UI/UX
Jake Stroh highlights UI/UX work from his students at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

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We're pleased to have friends at the following institutions leveraging Hype: