Hype Reflect doesn't work with Ventura

Since switching to Ventura, Hype Reflect no longer works for me. I can't establish a connection, and I immediately receive the message 'Connection to Hype on Mac lost'. My admin has tried several things already, unfortunately without success.

I also run on Ventura and it works for me. Maybe you have some fire wall settings on your company managed device?

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It worked when I was using Ventura.
Fire walls as Max mentions can be a problem, I remember I did at one point have a connection issue due to mine and I had to exempt my devices IP on my network.

The network may allow only certain port connections between local devices. The discovery of Hype occurs over Bonjour (which is typically allowed) but then Hype on your Mac serves the webpage over a random unused port. It's this port which may be blocked by your local network. Here's a workaround that might help: Sharing Hype documents without WIFI or Internet using an Ad Hoc Network

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Thanks a lot Daniel. I'll give it a try.

It works again. There was another security setting that restricted the Bonjour service. Our IT has fixed this - everything is fine now.

Thanks for the update, glad you’re back in action!