Hype Pro will not export to video

I have blocked in a 8 scene animation for a presentation and wanted to test the export to video before I started the multi-scene animations and the file just will not export. It shows the export box I choose settings (default) and start the export, the export box comes up but just shows the slightest progress bar and never moves.

I've restarted my Mac, no difference, I've created a new doc with a simple box moving from one side to the other… same hang. What am I doing wrong? I have exported to video before very successfully. Frustrated.

Thanks for any Insite on this. Can't find anything in the forums that sounds like this issue.

You should post your sample project so that others can test it.

So sorry, you are absolutely correct. How should I do that. First time on the forum.

Maybe a screenshot of the problem is a good idea. I've had to do some crazy stuff to export a video from Hype… Adventures In Line Drawing …but that's really not common. Typically, it just works.

Do you have really complex animations or special effects?

Thanks Photics. Here's a grab of the screen that kinda shows the setup of the doc. Then the export to video save dialog box. That is as far as it gets. I've left it for over and hour. It's currently at the roughed in stage it is only about 44 seconds long. No special animation and it's just a linear start to finish with no user interaction.

I've sometimes seen issues exporting when connected to an external monitor -- if you are, could you try without? If that's not the case, it would be great to get your document and a bug report.


Hi Daniel
It's odd… I do have two external monitors running off my laptop so I disconnected them and exported as video, held my breath as it started exporting and progressed further than before! But it hung on the second scene (never even got to the first scene before). In that second scene I had used the vector pen tool to draw a line and have it animate into the scene left to right. I removed that and it exported the video start to finish.
Then I reconnected the laptop to the two external monitors and re-exported the video, and it worked!! I added the vector line animation back in to the scene, exported and it worked again! so I think it is solved but I would not have narrowed it down to the vector line animation with out your suggestion to disconnect the external monitors. Thank you so much for the guidance and the quick replies.
I always come to the forums to learn and search. You and the other users have always been very knowledgable and helpful. Thanks guys!