Hype 4 animation to video export

How is possible to “export as movie -> video” having the background transparent or with a mask?
I have try but without success

Thank for any help

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Hype is known to be an HTML output app it wasn’t meant be used as a full-fledged motion design app even though sometimes people like myself actually use it like a motion design app to export videos. That said, Hype is not like Apple Motion or After Effects that has alpha channel support on export. There’s a bit of an obvious workaround to this, you can put a moving background or video and export it as a final video output.

Alpha Channel Support has been requested see thread below.

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Great idea. Would instantly increase user base.

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Yes, I know it :slight_smile:
My situation was on fine tuning a video layer + a sound layer with the animation created in HYPE4.
I have found an easy way to mount this 3 layers, so I have exported and finish my work in FCP X, where is more easy to define the start/stop of each layers. But would be nice to have a transparent background or mask layer.

Thank for the reply

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Hype can export transparent backgrounds on PNG Sequence, Animated PNG, Animated GIF, and HTML exports (kinda sorta, there’s still a web page background) when the Make background transparent box in the Document Inspector is checked.

It cannot do it for h.264/.mp4 or ProRes 422 video because these formats do not support alpha channels. I would like to add an option for a format that does in the future.

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that be awesome!

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Frankly I am not a video expert, but I have found some info on which codec support alfa channel, you may investigate better, hope this info mat be useful :wink: :





Thanks! I suspect we’ll go with ProRes 4444. I suspect we chose ProRes 422 because it would result in smaller sizes but may not have considered utilizing alpha in the equation.