Add Alpha Channel Support

Now that Hype has prores export capability, it would be great to create alpha channels.
This could be used in the blackmagic design ATEM TV Studio Switcher for keyed effects.
It really doesn’t matter if this doesn’t work for html output; they wouldn’t use that feature.
This would be one way to instantly have a whole new set of potential users.
Now if you wanted to get real fancy you could have a direct export feature like they have
done with a photoshop plugin.

Or just sell the company to Blackmagic Design and let them do it.

Why exactly would Hype be useful if You were not going to have HTML~CSS~JavaScript interactivity?

Motion graphics programs are far more capable animation environments when the interactive element is not needed and we are simply creating a video - or did I miss something in your description?

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Actually interactive backgrounds (on large touchscreen monitors) are exactly what
broadcasters use for their weather presentations, etc. That could be done with
the current version of hype. Alpha channels just opens up more creative options.
Seems like it would be a trivial addition and could broaden the programs user base.

Would love to hear about more capable animation programs at the same price point
that export to prores.

Hi Stephen!

Check out Apple’s Motion app - it rocks @ $50.00.

I’m not saying alpha channels wouldn’t be useful in Hype - for instance creating animation~videos with transparent backgrounds:

But if there is no HTML interactivity I’d rather use Motion (which also supports a 2.5D environment).[quote=“sbrenner, post:1, topic:9398”]
It really doesn’t matter if this doesn’t work for html output; they wouldn’t use that feature.[/quote]

If Hype could be combined with Motion (such as a Hype module~layer inside Motion) we’d have a real airshow.

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Thanks, Motion does look interesting.

Yes it would be cool to integrate with Hype somehow…